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Eggless Dates Muffin and DIY Non-stick Spray

I had baked this batch of eggless dates muffins back in June and had shared the recipe immediately on Instagram stories. But I held back from posting on the feed because I wanted to get back to posting on the blog more often. It clearly didn't work in pushing me much either because you see it has taken me more than 3 months to draft and publish this recipe. I have many more such drafts that only had a sneak peek on Instagram.

I was hoping to bake another batch with a toffee sauce topping so it can actually be a dessert but by then my whole diet needs required attention. Last year, I had a short stint with a low carb diet with a paid nutritionist which looked promising but went downhill for many reasons and one being I was asked to eat 7 eggs a day! I never could eat more than 5 but kept lying to her that I did. It was not fair so I quit quietly. 
The 4 months of eating out since we landed in Abu Dhabi not only helped me gain weight it also made me want to change my wardrobe or go…

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