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Yeast Doughnuts with Rose and Orange Blossom Glaze

These light and fluffy homemade yeasted doughnuts are glazed with Arabic flavours like rose water and orange blossom water and also garnished with dried rose petals. If you are new to doughnut making, this is the perfect beginner recipe. Keep reading for an easy step-by-step instruction with photos!
Ramadan, done and dusted. Eid, done and dusted. But life still is a lockdown. My friends say that I always have a positive vibe and a cheerful aura but I saw the lowest of my mental being during the last few days of Ramadan. I had zero planning for Eid day - so much that for the first time I wished I had a kid or at least a cat. It gets to you at some point and it is hard sometimes to remember all the blessings because we are humans and humans are social beings!  Just two days before Eid, I sat and talked to F how I was feeling because I knew he was just thinking I was having intense dua sessions 😄 It began to get better - our neighbours invited us to join them for Eid salah - we agreed …


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