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Mom's Kakka Orotti | Steamed Mini Rice Dumplings in Roasted Coconut Sauce Chicken Gravy

Steamed rice dumplings that we call Kakka Orotti is soaked in a rich gravy of chicken that is made with coconut sauce with the hint of Malabar garam masala is my heaven on a plate. What is Kakka Orotti? Kakka is a Malayalam word for clams and Orotti is flatbread dough that is made with ground rice. It is known by many other names like kakka rotti, aanapathal, pidi, aanaorotti, kunjipathal, undio, pinde, etc. The difference in name is largely depending on the region of origin in the southern state of India - mostly Kerala and coastal Karnataka. They are known differently and also are made differently except that all of it uses rice for the balls, are steam cooked and are folded into a prepared curry with meat or seafood.

Kakka Orotti is a true Moplah dish that is celebrated as a staple and also as a special occasion food. Back home, this dish brings all the ladies of the home together in the kitchen, each contributing to rolling the dumplings while catching up with the latest neighbour…

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