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Brown Butter Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Brown butter chocolate walnut cookies are soft, thick, chewy, a bit crunch of walnuts and extra flavourful. Infused with the nutty flavour of browned butter, loaded with semisweet chocolate and walnuts, these cookies are incredibly gourmet and will surely become your new favourite cookie recipe! Did I say no mixer required? Just two bowls and a whisk! 
Am I late to the party?? Brown Butter! How did I not make you before this? Why no one told me to try brown butter? Well, Pinterest did. Thank you, Pin. 🥰After my best chewy chocolate chip cookies, Pinterest flooded my feed with all kinds of cookies and most of them were "Brown Butter". I have heard this before but I somehow thought it was Desi ghee they were referring to! My bad! 😬 Apparently, Clarified butter, Ghee and Brown butter are three different things! 🤯


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