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Cream Kunafa

Kunafa with cream is an iconic Middle Eastern dessert, made with shredded phyllo pastry dough, stuffed with cream, baked till golden brown, doused in an aromatic syrup and enjoyed warm for the best flavour. This kunafa recipe with cream is so easy to put together and stunning to serve for any celebrations. Video included. 
My first cream kunafa experience was in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. I absolutely loved the warm, soft and creamy melt in the mouth delicious dessert. But when we travelled to Khobar, the kunafa there was so crispy and crunchy! I loved both but only much later in life, I learnt that there are different types of knafeh. From the texture to the filling to shape, you will find many varieties! June 2018 was the year I went crazy making Kunafa in my Yanbu kitchen. I had picked a fresh bag of kunafa dough aka kataif from the local bakery and there was no stopping me. I didn't even own an oven then. All my kunafeh were made on stove-top and I realized it is actually such a simp…


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