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Yemeni Chicken Mandi | Baked Smoky Chicken Rice

Mandi is a popular Yemeni rice and meat dish originated from Hadhramaut region and gradually spread to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and around the globe that me an Indian is sharing the recipe! 😉 Here, the rice and chicken are slow-cooked in a hot oven where the rice is flavoured from the chicken fat drippings and both get the smoky flavour from the burned charcoal making Mandi the most sought after Arabic rice dish.
I got to taste my first Chicken Mandi in a new bare apartment, that was void of any furniture which was the very next day after I landed in Yanbu in 2014. F spread the sufra on the floor and opened two foil box of warm rice - one was kabsa and the other mandi. I was not impressed with either because it was not biryani. 😂 But, it took me less than three months to fall in love with Arabic food and everything about it. Yet, I am not comfortable eating off the supra without plates and spoons. After we moved to UAE, I had shared the Bahraini Chicken Machboos recipe which…


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