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Blueberry Banana Almond Coffee Cake

An incredibly moist, buttery and easy-to-make coffee cake with fresh blueberries, banana and sliced almonds! This coffee cake made with a portion of almond flour is soft and tender with full of fresh blueberries, ripe banana and sliced almonds. Best served with your morning coffee, or as an evening snack with a cup of black coffee or just skip the coffee and have the cake! 😍

What is a coffee cake? Does coffee cake have coffee in it? I too had this very question whenever I see "Coffee Cake" mentioned but no coffee listed in the ingredients. Laura Vitale explained in one of her episodes that a coffee cake is a sweet dish served with black coffee. Simple as that! Upon reading further about this often misleading name, I learnt that a classic coffee cake will have some kind of crumb toppings like streusel and or a sugar glaze or both. This can be baked even in a square or rectangle pan that holds the cinnamon flavoured crumbs beautifully.  So no, coffee cake need not have coffe…

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