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Make Pumpkin Butter from Scratch

You can make Pumpkin Butter using fresh pumpkin and it is so easy you will thank me for introducing this delicious spread from the west's Fall food. I know we are already into winter but pumpkins are still around. This pumpkin butter recipe is my keto and low carb days creation so I have not used any refined sugar but you can replace with your favourite sweetener.  I first came across the term Pumpkin Butter in Laura Vitale's channel and was immediately intrigued and wondered if like the pumpkin spice mix, this too wouldn't have pumpkin in it. I imagined it as our plain old butter infused with pumpkin spice! Thank god I was wrong! Apparently, you need Pumpkin to make Pumpkin Butter. :-D 
I should have shared sooner but I thought it would be great to share when I have tried using it in several recipes so you have some ideas. This butter is so creamy, rich, perfectly sweet, and the fall flavours just make it worth every scoop!  What is pumpkin butter made of? Unlike pumpkin…

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