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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Melted Butter

My first ever cookie recipe on the blog! This is so addictive and our new favourite chai time treat. Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies using melted butter, more brown sugar than white sugar and an egg that will guarantee the best chewy cookies! 

Around my birthday month (Feb) I began an unexplainable craving for chewy chocolate chip cookies and it only got intensified by each day. I would go to bed but won't sleep until I watch back to back chocolate chip cookie recipe videos on Youtube and then go one to endless scrolling of cookie pictures on Pinterest every single night. I knew that I have to feed my cravings so that I can sleep peacefully.😏 Being the self-proclaimed perfectionist, I was determined to try a recipe only after I am 100% convinced that it is what I want and it is what will be the best. Not an easy task with a zillion cookie recipes on the web claiming to be the best but thankfully there are enough and more research done by scholars and scientists on "Cho…


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