Addicted to Chai (Tea)

Can you fathom how many languages are spoken in the subcontinent - India? There is no one definite number that I can mention here. If I go by the number of states it is a minimum of 29 languages. Well what I am getting to with languages and tea time, is the love for tea we Indians have in a majority. And what more convenient than the term for tea being the same across the nation - well most of them do understand what is "Chai".

The same goes for the count of flavours of tea, the way it is prepared and of course the time of consuming. Morning, evening, after a heavy meal, or just to feel good. When I was a kid, I knew only two types of chai - pal chai (milk tea) and kattan (black tea), the latter more relevant in the state of Kerala. Each individual has an acquired taste for a specific way of preparing it. I personally like "strong" chai - another term understood by most of them - English has indeed corrupted our regional languages.

I have no idea how different are tea lovers from coffee lovers. If a place did not serve tea or had tea bags only - like the Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) - I never use to entertain hanging out there with friends. Cuppa came to rescue the tea lovers and they made some really good tea.

If you know how to make a good cup of tea, then you have impressed your in-laws! Back in India, my tea recipe included milk and so I knew exactly the proportions. Tea was the first thing I made at in-laws and my mil (mother-in-law) loved it and never let go of an opportunity to praise my tea whenever we had a guest. Enough of me bragging! :-P

Shift to KSA - we had no means to have fresh milk always and so I had to use milk powder. My prowess of making tea down the drain. I missed having the hot cup of tea with fresh milk and it saddened me when I couldn't serve my hubby with a good cup of tea. With a lot of trial and error, I figured the ratio. It doesn't end here, next time at the grocery, we don't have the same brand of milk powder and I had to pick a new one and again get to the testing phase. Each day the taste differed. We tried different tea brands, tea bags - nothing solved my craving for a good cup of chai.

Days and months went by with us having a cup of "something close to tea".

Then the unimaginable happened - I was following a blog The Big Sweet Tooth where Raf, had posted a recipe of CoffeeTea. I wasn't a coffee person but my hubby used to have black coffee at his work. So I gave it a try - It was soooooo goooood - I  loved it. The best I ever had ever after leaving India. We both are now hooked on to this. I even have my lonely high tea time around 2 pm. Though at the end Coffee had to be included to be able to degust a cup of tea, Thank you Davidoff Cafe!

Now, I am ready to have guests! In fact, I just got a call from my hubby - our first guests are arriving a few hours from now. - "tea sapidringala?"


  1. Wow!!! Now I wanna try a cuppa tea and that would technically not be incorrect to say either!!!

  2. Hi

    I am also an Indian wife but in riyadh. I make tea with almarai frEsh milk and rabea loose tea. My husband is a tea addict and he likes this very much . Don't you get this in yanbu

    1. Hey karthiga! We do get them here, and we did try both of them. Rabea - no no. Fresh milk - we had to consume it else it gets expired and we had to throw away. I hate to waste food and so opted to milk powder. Also, try this coffeetea... for a change.:-P

  3. Hi famidha,

    I can relate so much of myself with you. Can you share your email id ? I want to talk to you..

  4. Hey... thanks for the mention dear... :) I was just wondering what was ur Instagram tag, do follow me on rafeedas and I will be glad to follow u back... :)

    1. hey.. I already added you on Instagram! :-) I think I also tagged you!


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