This whole setting up the blog before you start posting has been overwhelming. The numerous templates, layouts, links, settings, etc. I have no idea what will be the outcome if I choose to uncheck the "are you a robot?" - When I had to personally verify to access certain content on the internet, I used to get annoyed for the repeated verification with those disfigured alphabets and numbers. wait a minute - it is uppercase or lowercase? or is that 1 or I? :-P Nevertheless, its meant for safety so the settings I enabled are out of the safety reasons. Now with so much of restrictions, I wonder why am I even here?

Well, I am eligible for a rookie mistake and I am not gonna give up. This activity has given me a new medium to be engaged. It is like moving into a new home, it takes time to get settled and know the exact place where you can find the tool box after a month or so. Likewise, I am new here and before I can get to smarter blogging, I will stumble upon challenges and I am looking forward to it.

Past few days have been interesting with thoughts and ideas taking the shape and still ambiguous. I am so thankful to all the helping instructions and videos that helps me create this space. I take time to read others blogs and watch their layout. I am sure everyone like me who are technically-disabled would have done that - watch the masters and learn from them.

I came to KSA six months ago and its now that I began to feel that I have to start engaging in activities that will keep me focused and learn skills. Until now, all I had to do was clean the home and cook dinner. With plenty of time, comes idleness. Both of us being sweet toothed, I got into this marathon of making sweet dishes every single day for the dessert. Internet was the go-to person. All those food porns only made me crave for more and sad thing is I had to make them too.

Gradually, I began to enjoy cooking and meanwhile we both gained a few pounds (not that we were thin earlier). So should I stop making mousse and parathas floated in ghee? Nay, we continue to do so with minimizing the frequency. That lands me with more time! Uff! those days when I wished I had a few more hours in the day to complete certain task and here I am figuring out how to spend the time!