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Last night while cooking dinner I caught myself thinking about my mom. We never had to worry about what is going to be served at the dining table. If it is your fav dish, there is always more for you. If you don't eat a certain veggie, she makes sure there is something else too served along. She is a stay-at-home mother taking care of everything at home and us.

Even at my twenties, when I go home she never takes leave from the kitchen. She insists on making my favorite dish and ensures Dad also eats the same. Our dining table conversations are always about mom's cooking. How her lamb curry and beef curry tastes the same except for the meat itself, how she can cook tastier food when cooked in hurry, or her sambar with her own concoctions that surprises us.

When I began cooking, I used to call her over phone for recipes and she could never give any specific measurements. I used to get so frustrated because she has been cooking for so many years and yet has no idea how many teaspoons of masalas are required. 

Mom's Plantain Cake
Before moving to Yanbu, I has taken work-from-home option to spend some quality time with my mom and dad. Work and quality time doesn't go together right? But yet, I had all the evenings and early mornings, weekends.  I have missed living with them for years and I wanted to make up for it before I start off my married life in Yanbu. Even then, she never allowed me to take charge of the kitchen. She insisted to cook for me till the last day. 

So, why last night was special? - I realized that even I cook with no specific measurements. My curries never taste the same every time. Some days I have thrown off the stuff because I just dumped the whole Red Sea into it. Other days it is just watching my spice counter and randomly trying some flavors.  

If some one asks me for recipe - I can only add "as per your taste" for every ingredient. And I don't get frustrated if someone shares a recipe similar way on the phone. I now totally understand them. 

Are you like me? Share your experience! 


  1. haha... when u start cooking, this is what exactly happens!!! I started off when referring you tube or blogs was really not an option and calls to umma was the only savior - though just like you, she would frustrate me with her handfuls and pinchfuls. However, have u noticed, their food always tastes the same? Isn't that like a miracle??? :) Wish you all the very best... after all that's the fun of it...

    1. So true Raf! their food always tastes same and delicious. I am getting there coz now I have fewer food wastage so hopefully I will lose some weight too. I hate to throw food and when he doesnt eat... I end up eating them all! :-)


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