Chasing the Dawn - 2

Actually wanted to post about how I ended up with  this makeover of my blog, but that needs extensive collation of data and stuff.. and I am in no mood to do that, because I have something more cheesy to share. 

If you have read my Chasing the Dawn post, you will know how much that day meant to me. However, I had deliberately not shared a few things that would have been a spoiler. All those pictures that I posted were taken from inside the car. It is not banned for women to get off the car - Not at all. But it is F's overprotective instincts or mere laziness to get off the seat. At that moment, I continued to be seated in the car and watched the sunrise! Only later on when I wrote that post, I felt it would have been a good thing if we stepped out of the car and clicked better pictures and some selfies or just stand there and feel the warm rays. 

I did not feel bad about it, because there is always another time! And next time it will be my word! :-) But I felt that the pictures weren't good enough. My phone buzzed and what he sent me was a sunrise picture. It was unexpected, a thoughtful gesture, cute, loving, and of course I am the sunshine! (whatever happened to modesty!)

This weekend we explored Yanbu and I got to see some amazing places and also got to know a little bit more about F. I cant wait to share the pictures – only way show the beauty of Yanbu!


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