Chasing the Dawn

I love when the weekend arrives, this means I will have F home and with me all the time. As there isn't anything fun that we can do in Yanbu, our weekends are mostly spent, eating out, grocery shopping and watching illegally downloaded movies. Occasionally he offers to go on a long drive on early Friday morning.

Today he woke up early like a  weekday routine and was waiting for me to wake-up. I struggled to open my eyes, he asked, "What do you want to do today?" without taking any time, I was thinking aloud - "can we watch sunrise here?" - in a few seconds came the response, "Yes! of course! get up and get ready if we are lucky we will get to see it! hurry!"

I jumped out and  just slipped into the abaya (I love KSA for this), ran together to the main door! and oh should I take the garbage bag now? "Come now! leave that.. we will miss it!" Running down the flight of stairs ensuring with least sound and hopped into the car and off we drove. 

I was holding my phone with camera on and alas the battery was dying! :-( He gave his phone and I was all set waiting for the sunrise and looked all sides and saw there was no sign of sun. "Where should I look?" "Straight ahead" "Have you never seen a sunrise?" - Made me think, how such trivial things in life can bring so much of happiness in me. "I have seen a many but never chased a twilight!"

The U turn... No Sunrise!

We drove for quiet some time and all I could see was this bright red/orange dawn and I sat frowning like a kid who missed the play because of father being late to pick me up. How silly! 
F then took a U turn and said, "I am hungry! Guess the sun is hiding and is not willing to come out today!" Hmmm... never-mind! But I simply loved the fact that we both were spontaneous and in the moment and never bothered to think twice about any decision we made along the way. 

"Whats for breakfast?" I was giving him options on what I had in kitchen and he kept dismissing every thing I offered. Suddenly, I felt a little sick - like the motion sickness and I told him that may be the empty stomach drive is causing... he quickly slowed down and was about to pull over asking me if I was fine. "I am fine, you don't have to stop!" "Are you sure, are you 100% sure you don't want to stop?" "Yes, I don't want to puke or anything. Just lets go home. I am fine." But to my surprise, he pulled over turning the car --- to watch the magnificent sun rising! 

The amazing creation of the Creator
Sat in the car watching the ball of fire rising and shining, giving light to the this side of the world! 

Continued watching way back home...

Lesson learnt: F is capable of being romantic and spontaneous! I am sure he did this for me and no matter how silly my requests are.  

way back... 

Back home, I made some hot cuppa chai and we had it with some Bourbons. Then he was off to his routine of meeting the other two characters, while I took time to post this.