Falling in Love

I am in Love! How do I know? - you know when it happens!I still went ahead to check online for the symptoms of being in love? - (are you kidding?) Yes, I did so that I can confirm.

According to yourtango there are the five symptoms:

  • You catch yourself staring

    • I did, while kneading the dough for chapati, while watching some movie on the laptop, while eating my breakfast alone... I caught myself staring at nothing in specific but just like lost in thoughts about my love look.

  • You feel high

    • I can't keep myself awake for too long in the night unless it is weekend. I don't sleep in the afternoons. I usually wake up with him, go to sleep together. But nowadays, I am awake like an owl and am constantly thinking about my love

  • You cant keep your hands off each other

    • True, I wake up and wait for him to leave home so that I can hold my love. I have sneaked my love to the bedroom under the blanket when we are suppose to be sleeping! 

  • You cant stop thinking about him

    • That too is so true! I am always thinking about my love! Today, I woke up thinking about my love! I go to sleep watching, thinking, and  dreaming about my love

  • ...And only him

    • Oh! this is not true! :-( I have a loving hubby!
Okay! I know it is unacceptable to have a relation outside marriage. But do me a favour and read all the "my love" as My BLOG!

Don't you agree with me? It is insane to have so much of attachment to this thing. I fear like love for a person, this too will need a vacation to revive! Or is this an infatuation?

Whatever it is, I am lovin' it! Passions die, and inspirations hide, all you need is to seek them again with open heart! Thats so cheesy! :-)

Have a Loving day!


  1. Assalam Alaikum Famidha,

    I reached to you through Rafeeda's blog, Mashallah you have lovely blog.
    and your 'LOVE' is pure and you are going in a right direction. We blogger's can only understand each other so well. :)
    Hugs to you!

    1. Wa'alikum Salam Rashida! Thank you for your kind words! Coming over to visit your space! C ya!


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