Feedback Form

On Fridays, I have the "Closed" tag on my kitchen door! (well not literally). At least that is the case of the past few weeks! I am glad he isn't like one of those married men who expect the wife to make a whole meal for lunch served with platter and desserts followed by a siesta on weekends. Instead, we take this time to be together and eat out or most of the time just live on dried roasted nuts, dates, fruits, Doritos, chocolates, mug cakes, etc. Perks of not having kids yet!

Today I woke up with a bad real bad headache and the kind I know wouldn't go away until I pop a pill. We had planned to do the groceries shopping in the morning and have a burger on the way and be home for the rest of the day. But because of my headache, we had no plans for anything! I dozed off and woke up only when it was about time for the afternoon prayer! I woke up saying "I am hungry!" and he said the same thing!

We decided to go to Fuddruckers as it has been long since we went there. I love their hamburgers with the potato wedges and the smoked dip. Before getting to the story let me share a general thing about restaurants in Yanbu.

Fuddruckers, Yanbu, KSA
Back in India, at least in Bangalore which I am more aware of - every place has a feedback form. It is not mandated but I always make it a point to fill it. It is a medium they are giving us customers to share what is good and what is bad and what can get better. And we are not looked down upon if we have given negative points. Instead, I have had the managers come and help to get more details. However here in Yanbu, wherever I have been and where I felt that the food wasn't hot enough or was not clean or delayed I wanted to share it. There were no feedback forms and the staffs are quick to leave the "cabin" we are in. Every place we dined, at the end of it I would ask F (that's how I am gonna address my hubby hereafter) why aren't they keeping a feedback form? and he would just say this is not India.

Today, we reached Fuddruckers and there was a waiting period. It is my third visit.  The staff said we gotta wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes. After us, no new customers were allowed. He locked the door and I saw so many families being sent back due to the time constraint. They cannot have more customers as they will have to close for the Asr prayer.

We placed our orders while waiting so it can save some time. Finally, after 20 minutes we got a table. F hates fish and its odour. The table we got had fish stink all over it. I felt sad for him. This is his first meal of the day and after all the wait he gets to sit in a place with the worst smell. I took out my hand sanitizer which will at least help in removing the bad odour for a while. There was something new on the table! - a feedback form!

I was so glad to see such positive changes. I filled the form with detailed feedback!

The pen is mightier than the sword!

The pen is mightier than the sword