December 24, 2014

D and S, the two characters F brought into our lives a month ago. Ever since there hasn't been a single day that ended without having to meet them for dinner. Sometimes, he brings them during the weekend too and they stay all day! I would be lying if I said I hated them from first. I love to have guests and I enjoyed their company so much that I began to even get attracted to one of them. I can share anything with F and I did so with this one too. I told him I have a liking for D :-) He is so charming!

After a certain point, it was getting annoying. How can you tell them to leave or do not visit so often? Most of the time, I had to shoo them off forcefully but subtly...they don't seem to get the message. I wonder if it is F who is holding them from going. It is very unusual of F to do that.

Initially I was the best host - welcoming, appreciating, admiring, listening, serving snacks, watching, etc. but lately I just pray that they leave forever. You know the proverb - Let your foot be seldom in your neighbor’s house, lest he have his fill of you and hate you. I hope they are aware of it. 

Ah! there they are coming home again! I just so wish this gets over! - more on this later. Got to go now. 

Any tips?

Now you can check this Guests | Revealed post to know more about D and S.

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  1. ha ha.. i can't believe it... I really thought they were 2 real humans coming to your place everyday! lol


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