Somewhat OK Cook!

Until a year before I got married, I never had to cook a complete meal for anyone. When I was at home, I used to help mom in chopping the veggies - that's about it. I never watched how she made them deliciously edible. She was never too keen in making me or my sister cook - Guess she knew that once we get married all we do is cook food!

I began to cook for myself when healthy diet became a necessity. I had to watch what I eat and my first dish was dal chawal roti -a typical north Indian meal. It was easy and light in my purse. I never had time to do experiments but occasionally myself and J (friend) used to cook a complete meal during the weekends. Most of my initial cooking lessons were from her and of course YouTube. 

On my first meeting with F (along with families) we got to talk for a few minutes which was the deciding factor if we wanted to pursue it or not. He asked me if I knew to cook! in fact, that was his first question and I was so quick and proud to say Yes of course I know but not for an entire house. I know to cook for two. I think he translated "I know" to an expert level! my bad! 

My mil is an awesome cook and she knows so much about middle eastern food as she had lived there for years and N (co-sister) was called the dessert queen. I don't stand a chance of even offering to cook - what? dal chawal roti? sheesh! 

I was so glad I was working which left me with less time with in-laws and more time to experiment in my kitchen. Post engagement I began to note down recipes from mom, mil, cousins, etc and tried them out. J loved my cooking, and so did my colleagues. Appreciations were pouring - I was on cloud 9 or 10 may be 11. Magical hands that make yummy food! Confidence - skyrocketed.

Shift to Yanbu - It been almost 6 months that I have been cooking for him. Beginners luck has always favoured me when I make his favourite. The second time around I was alone with no luck. "what you made last time was better". That time has never appeared for any of the dishes I made again. I wait for him to take the first mouth and look at his face to decipher the ratings of the dish.  If he eats leaving a clean pot - he liked it. If he doesn't take a third helping - he is OK with it. He doesn't take a second - he dislikes it. But at any state, if I ask how was it? - all he has to say is "it was ok."

Some days I wonder I went to cloud 11 too soon. Most of my friends had asked me to start a food blog! - Personally, I enjoy cooking and it is kind of a soothing time. But I guess the outcome is not favourable to him (hehe).  Food blogs are plenty which is the only source that I am at least able to cook ok-ok. Thank you to all those ladies for making my cooking experience a fun project that keeps me busy.  I am in what you call.. a gourmet pursuit. :-) 

I casually asked F how would he rate my cooking - you are an ok-ok cook! 

Those of you who think my Instagram pics speaks volume about my cooking - Pictures can be deceiving! :-)