Women and Talking

Women need to talk like fish need water. You never appreciate what you have until you realize you miss that. Likewise, I never thought I would miss “talking with girl friends”.

There is never an awkward silence when a few women are together at any place at any time of the day. There will be someone to initiate a conversation about family, marriage, kids, work, food, cooking tips, beauty tips, mother-in-laws, schools, neighbors, gardening, my way of tadka, and not to forget the man, etc.

And when it is all girls only – it is party time – be it at a beauty salon, spa, or a day out or even just a cup of tea at home  – I don't even have to explain! The joy of laughing at silly jokes, making fun of ourselves when we are at the worst, bitching about men in general, ditching the chores, window shopping, or even shopping until drop dead – I enjoyed my life so much with all my friends back in India.

I missed having fun talking. F is an introvert – in his own words and I believe I am an ambivert and so it never was a major issue of him not talking as much as I do, but it was the “talking with girlfriends” that I actually missed. But let me tell you more, it wasn't until I had an opportunity to talk to a group of women that I realized “Ah! this is what I was missing!” – so how did that happen in Yanbu?

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. It is the "feel" that makes them want to beautify even though we love the way we are. I was looking out for a beauty spa/salon in Yanbu and told him that I would like to visit one. Came home and did a Google search to find the contact. I called them and had difficulty communicating the same language but I believed they understood and blocked my time.

Mermaid – the name of the salon. On the day I had requested for an appointment, my hubby dropped me and told to contact when done. I reached there around 7.00 pm and got to know that they do not have the concept of appointment. It was first come first serve basis. This much I understood with the help of a Filipino staff who was the translator. So I waited ---- but not for long –--- that was what I thought –--- by the time I was done it was 11.30pm!!!!! I didn't know the time until he called to check. This was during Ramadan so they were opened till 4 am!!!!

We ladies were talking in the language we know along with our hand gestures that aided in comprehending what was being said. I was never frustrated, it was fun and like I had mentioned, we ended up sharing so much of our lives and interests that she even offered me to help her kids with English lessons (which I declined). She never pitched any sales but was sharing so much about her life and asked me about my country and… she went on and on in Arabic and I responded in English. If I didn't understand something, she got the help of that Filipino to translate. Khalas! (done!) was the word I learned that day! 

I couldn't wait to share with F about the enriching meeting and conversation I had with the ladies at Mermaid.

It was my first happiest moment in Yanbu!