Yanbu? Where IS that?

This should have been my first post considering the similarity of topic and the blog title. In my earlier post Towards Gulf, it is obvious that gulf was not uncommon in my native. However despite the fact that both our families have someone in some country in the gulf, there were/are none in Yanbu.

I heard about it for the first time from F. He got transferred to Yanbu on a project right after we got engaged. So you know how people ask oh! you got engaged, so what is he doing?, where is he working? Yanbu? Where is that? So to save myself from not being able to answer that last question exactly - because just Saudi wouldn't suffice, they would then ask, Really? where exactly in Saudi? urrrghh!

I was astonished when this above conversation didn't happen with the people at work. The team was already aware of the place because they had a team member who had quit Yanbu to give her daughter a better life. As much as negative feeling she gave me, she would end up saying not to get intimidated and that I have to make it a point to live with the husband. But she used to address the place as Yambo! So deep in me I kinda hoped that this place is different from where F is going.

Yanbu/Yambo/Yenbo all are the same city. The internet gave splendid review about this city. It has beaches! It is one of the world's best scuba diving / snorkeling spot! There are umpteen number of beautiful parks! mountains! and most of the well known brands have their outlets in the shopping malls here. There are also a few good fine dine restaurants and hotels. I did not find anything "not good" or cons of living here that was alarming! And what is in life if everything is smooth and cake walk? a little bit of everything would make life more interesting!

Apart from the restrictions on women, everything else seems to be awesome! The first thing I loved about this place was the road traffic.

Taken from inside the car... 
I never have been in such free roads in India - where there is no lane driving, no gap between vehicles, no respect for pedestrians, and everyone wants to be in the first line at the traffic signal. Even crossing the road was life threatening. Well, this is not the case in other cities of KSA. We went on a drive to Jeddah and honestly, I had such a relief to be back on the road to Yanbu! Felt like coming back home. Guess I have become accustomed to a quiet life.

I stopped comparing with India and believe that the grass is greener everywhere for some reason! Once you know the reasons, you will appreciate and be grateful for that.