Yanbu’s Old City Explored in a Long Drive – Part Two

Its 31st! The last day of the year and this year it does not make any difference to me. It is just like any other day. Had always been with friends or family to welcome the new year but last year I was alone in my flat and video chatting with F. This is going to be my first new year's eve with F and it seems like no big deal.

Moving to today's topic, here are the rest of the pictures that describe Yanbu.


In the quest of the house where Lawrence of Arabia lived, we reached this location. The lanes are narrower and the houses here are very rustic with these kind of windows which seemed to be made of wood. We were obviously a unusual visitor by the way we were stared at. So we could not stay longer or click pictures of more of these kind of houses.

Red Sea Low Cliff Coast
All the while we were just driving and I could not resist any more. I wanted to get out and feel it. He had better ideas that blew my mind! We reached this quiet place which is frequently visited by families during the evenings and weekends. This I could say by the numerous bricks and burnt stuffs around the coast that were used for BBQing. The Rea sea being a seawater inlet makes it even more beautiful with the low cliff coast. It was hot afternoon and there were only couple other families. They bring with them carpets, food, chairs, etc and have a picnic. I appreciate how they do not interfere with other families and also ensure that there is enough space between them to respect each others privacy. We were not prepared for a picnic, but I insisted we get out and feel the sea breeze. 

Red Sea Low Cliff Coast
There were no water sport activities happening in this side and so makes it a better choice for families that like to have a quiet get together. No wonder F was okay getting off here. 

Camera shy F walking away from me looking out for some crabs.. 

Dead corals or fossils?
I sighted a medium sized crab that went underneath this rock. F showed me what seems to be a dead coral or a fossil on the rock. 

Crystal Clear
The sun beam on the water making it crystal clear. I am like my zodiac sign always drawn to water bodies - be it beaches, back waters, lakes, etc. I have realized that I can spend hours watching and hearing the clings of water. 

Cloud covered Sun
Before we got back to the car, we saw this majestic sun covered by dark clouds. The beams sprouting out through the sides was more than enough to keep the day light on! Wonders of the Creator!

Fire Ball
On our way back to the city, I could not help but click this picture of the Sun, the couple besides their car and the vast sheet of sea. 

Fisherman's Basket
A public art which depicts the sea side life of Yanbu. This is one of my favorites.

Old City Arch

This is a portion of the arch that stands as a division of old and new city. The intricate designs around this structure is something that caught my attention. But sadly, this is amid traffic and buzzing location where it stands unnoticed. 

There I am done with sharing the pictures. I have completed 7 months staying in this city. I found that this place is indeed ancient with its history, beautiful with the sea, bustling with pockets of markets and bazaars, and charming with its simplicity. You can take a look at part one here

There is no point ranting about the oppression or limited or no rights for women in KSA, but just don't make it a reason not to enjoy the present. 

What do you think?