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Weekend was (un)eventful. Fridays I am not up for cooking unless F is having his me time, which takes me to the kitchen and get engrossed in cooking. And this week was something like that - and the beets were calling!  I was actually longing for biriyani but it is not fair to nag him to take me out. I quickly made this beetroot rice without referring to any specific recipes (that is my first) and  guess what? he loved it. That made me smile with HAPPINESS!

Saturday, we planned this - pastas for lunch at pizza hut, formals shoes for him, groceries and back home. Pastas at Pizza hut - we ended up ordering so much that we took the left overs for dinner and thankfully the pizzas are good and pastas NO good. By the time we reached to store for shoes they were closed for prayers. We roamed nearby corniche and got to another mall and there he liked a shoe but the store was not open. And then it was prayer time again and so we had no intention to wait any longer but cant get back home either as I had to have the groceries for the week. So on our way back home, we stopped to get baklava and that was the best thing happened! Are we not HAPPY? !!!
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There are n number of moments that bring happiness in everyday life. That said, today I will share a few moments that make me smile with happiness. Let me start with my favorite location of my home for today- Kitchen

Call me OCD or Perfectionist, I want my kitchen floor to be clean. On Sundays I do the complete cleaning of my home and that is a lot of work and who enjoys mopping the floor? But once I have made it spic and span then I myself tread on them very carefully. So you can imagine what F would have to hear when he splashes excess water from his hand or just walk in with his shoes etc. Nothing could be worse. But when I achieve a clean floor and when he makes sure he is careful, I smile. 

There are tales that can be a book on the struggle finding that Kitchen Knife. A sharp knife makes me happy. A knife that stays sharp would make me happier. A knife that does not require to be ever sharpened, would make me feel the happiest. This will remain a dream. When F sees me struggle with sharpening the knives, he offers to do it. Sharpening tools is men's work isn't it? I smile.

Cooking rice in pressure cooker was my thing, but not any more. I had to try the pot method where I did not want to drain off the water like my mom does. So cooking rice in pot with exact ratio of water is the secret. I am getting to a mastery level on this but I never cease to feel the Hurray! when I have fluffy  and perfectly cooked rice. Like my MIL who said, "What is the use if you know to bake a cake and not make a pot of rice and curry?" 

OK, someone said, "Baking is love made visible" and someone else said, "If in doubt, bake a cake." So Baking a Cake is as important and necessary as a pot of Rice. But the joy of seeing it to perfection is not the same, the Cake takes the Cake. :-P

A cake which comes off the pan neatly, wholly, without crumbling, perfectly browned base, spongy and does not see the trash can - SMILE. I am glad I got a couple of moments like this where I jumped with joy and text-ed the whole friends list showing off my super creation! 

F and I have dinner as early as 7pm. When F walks in after work he goes straight to the Kitchen and opens every lid to see whats for dinner. His funny smile and then hurriedly getting back to the dining table... "serve the dinner, I am starving!" - priceless. 

I am sure you guys too have such moments that bring joy, so why don't you share some of them? I would love to know. 


  1. My husband is the same way. I sometimes text him to get food, but if not he knows I am cooking. As soon as he walks in he looks around and sits to eat, men they are all the same :p I am also crazy over cleaning. I cannot sleep at night unless everything is perfect and some how by the time I get it seems that I have to do it all over again, boo. The houses here get SO dirty so fast bc of all the dust. I am so sick of it.

  2. Noor,so true even with the closed windows the dust is all over. Soon I will get immune to having a dusty house! :-D

  3. Oh I'm obsessed with a clean kitchen too... I follow my husband around with a dishcloth!! :) Lovely post xo

    1. Hahaha! Guess what Laura? The first thing I did waking up today was read your comment on my email... I woke up and laughed! Thank you!

  4. I guess i loved this one more than the one about us... liked the way you have written about the smallest things of life which gives you so much happiness! Way to go girl! :)

  5. and yea men must be thinking we are crazy! Joe says i am like Monica in friends as i scrub, the scrub i use for the dishes, with an other scrub.. lol

    1. Hahahahaha! And if only people knew how we lived together in that house! :-P no one would believe we are clean freaks!


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