8 Things in my 2014 - with 8 Tips

My blog is now a month old and am so grateful for the 1000+ visitors/readers. One needs to feel appreciated to have that little push to go further and do better. With that thought, I gifted my blog a Facebook page and also reactivated my twitter account! Phew...Twitter - I had registered for it back in 2010 and never went back there. What surprised me was I could sign in without having to go through the Forgot password! I am new to twitter and have no clue how that works but I am willing to try.

A new year is here and I took some time to look back and recollect some memorable moments. When everyone wished Happy new year, there were a few of my friends who said there is no reason to be happy as the world is gone to dogs with the wars, killing children, terrorism etc... I would say "but life has to move on". We all live with hope and prayers to keep our dear and near ones safe and happy. May all of you have a wonderful year ahead.

As I had started blogging end of 2014, this post helped me pick the best moments that I am willing to share with the world.

 Reminiscing  2014 

#1 Surprise Surprise

Jan 2014 - Ours was a arranged marriage and so it was very crucial for us to live together to know each other better. We were in our 6th month of marriage and we were not living together yet. A DHL courier guy knocked at my door with a package for me. I was bewildered and had no idea why flipkart would send through DHL (I was waiting for a handbag I ordered on flipkart). Then my phone rang and it was F. I told him what was going on and the courier man was also very patient. When I checked the sender name while on the phone --- it was F! Never did I ever imagine F sending me a gift. I loved it and wore them the same night for a dinner with friends.

Tip #1 All those in a Long Distance Relationship, popularly known as LDR should take time out to send gifts and not wait for an occasion.

#2 Travel 

Feb 2014  - F and I had a splendid, adventurous, no agenda vacation. On my birthday, we were at Agra to see Taj Mahal. It was always in my must-see list. With a lot of planning and booking hotels and flights, we ended up having last minute changes to everything we ...well I planned. And guess what? We were laughing about it all the time - how my "planning paranoia" is not a solution and changes are inevitable. Nevertheless, watching the wonder in the early morning sun was breathtakingly beautiful!

Tip #2 Save up and have a luxurious travel and stay experience once in a year.  

#3 Life Changing Decisions

Mar 2014 - I made up my mind to quit the job and move to Yanbu to live with F. Someone had to bring about a change so that we could live together. The sooner the better.  I had to announce and serve two months notice. I was so glad that things were happening the way we planned but I had no clue how I am going to live as a stay-at-home wife.

Tip #3 Be the change. Do not think too far ahead about future.  Sometimes a quick fix will have lasting impression. 

# 4 Goodbyes 

April and May 2014 - I took time to meet all my family and friends to say good bye and spend some quality time with my folks. In several occasions, including F leaving to KSA after marriage, I never felt sad at the sending off part. I always knew that we will meet soon.  I never understood why good byes are tearful until I had to leave my home and board the flight to Yanbu.

Tip #4 Take every opportunity to be with family and friends. Make your stay with them worthwhile. 

#5 Welcome to Yanbu, KSA

June 2014 - New place, new home, new beginnings, new life...

Tip #5 Start loving to stay home if the new place is in KSA and your are a dependent on a dependent visa or jobless. 

#6 Long Drive

July 2014 - F and I planned on a road trip to Khobar from Yanbu on Eid holidays. It was a long 13 hours drive and we enjoyed it every bit.

Tip #6 Pack some food for the road. I packed lot of sandwiches and some Cheetos! 

#7 Men are from MARS

Living together brings out the best and worst!  It must be the same feeling for him "women are from venus"

Tip #7 File Corrupted 404 Error :-)

#8 Blog

Beloved friends sowed the idea of starting a food blog. The idea of blog was interesting more than the food part. I don't think I can do justice to a food blog, but you all know I  do enjoy cooking. I started a blog anyways.. not knowing what to focus on. Still in that same boat...

Tip # 8 Not a right person to give tips. All I can say is write what you enjoy sharing and review before publishing. I will try to compile a list in a separate post about what I learnt in blogging. 

So, how was your 2014?

Note: All the images except of Taj Mahal are taken from Google images. 


  1. What a lovely post and wow what an eventful year you've had - I hope 2015 is wonderful to you! xo

    1. Thank you Laura! Wish you too have a wonderful year ahead.

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