Clean is Green - Part Two

It took me longer than I thought to come back to this topic which I see is talked about a lot but nothing is changed. From then, I researched about any reference to this issue that needs to be curbed before it becomes unmanageable. 

Plastic Bags All Over the Empty Land

There is a post referred in Blue Abaya that talks about how to go green and stop the madness which was posted in 2012. Two years now, and I don't think there has been any change. But following the 10 things from her post alone will not stop from the plastics that are being used for everything you think of. It was surprising to see that supermarkets pack our bought stuffs in more than one plastic bags. I had dropped jaws and popped out eyes to see that plastic bags were FREE! 

In India, we have to pay for every plastic bag we need at any super malls. The charges were different as per the size of the bag. At least that is the case in Bangalore and I am sure in most of the other cities too. The cloth bags were getting fashionable and trendy. We all had one, a cloth bag. Or we used to save the big huge plastic bags so that we can re-use in our next shopping. Well even clothing showrooms had to charge if we did not have our own bag. 

Yanbu is not a city like Jeddah or Riyadh, but it has its own share of pollution. A lot has to be done from each individual rather than accusing the officials. I came across this article in arab news which refers to issues of having opened garbage bins in the residential areas. 

We throw the garbage bag (which is not segregated) into the only bin available at the outside of the buildings. When beginnings are wrong, it is not going to be easy to have a neat ending. 

I make two bags, food waste and others, but at the end both goes into the same bin. So why should I do it in first place?
“Placing the garbage containers at a distance from the residential areas would minimize the threat to the hygiene of the surroundings,” Kammas pointed out.
I so agree and know it will never happen, because in the beginning there were no bins in front of our building, but there was a huge one at the end of the street. F used to drop the garbage on his way to work. Meanwhile there was a mini mountain of garbage bags that kept growing in front of our building. Guess one started to dump there and everyone followed suit. It took a few months to have a green bin for every building.

But my question is how does a green bin help in going green? What is to go green when the garbage is not sorted?

There should be a defined system to sort the garbage from the source point, i.e our home till where it is dumped. Until that happens, there is no point in me sorting the garbage but what I will start doing is - recycle.

I will soon bring a post of my ideas of going green to reduce garbage and makez a cleaner planet. 

I found these two sites very interesting and promising:

Please do take some time to read what they have to share. Thank you.


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