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January 07, 2015

Update: I have no idea how this post got back to drafts.. I realized after I saw page visit error showing up in the live feed.

My earlier post titled Guests has left most of my readers puzzled. I received emails asking who they were and why I like D? My friends who know me knew it is going to be something else than just annoying guests. So, here I am so glad to announce that I have finally got rid of them.

D and S - Dean and Sam - Supernatural. Ring a bell?

Image from Google Images. 

How did they become guests?

As you all know there is no movie theater in KSA (or is that news to you?), so we rely on the Internet to catch up on movies, series, sitcoms etc. F and I, are both movie buffs. We love to watch movies and sitcoms together. My all time favorite is Sex and the City, Modern Family and of course the Game of Thrones. I introduced him to MF and he kinda enjoyed it. But we soon got over with all the episodes and now I got to wait for the new ones to come out for GOT.

I welcomed the idea of Supernatural but never thought that would become the only thing for a whole month and more. We were watching together more than one episode every single night. I started to admire Dean - kinda became a fan and that was the only factor I sometimes watch even if I was busy in the Kitchen. Blush. 

Every single day post dinner before going off to sleep - I hear Dean and Sam.Weekends - while I cook in the kitchen, F continues to watch. It was always them vs me :-( Either I join him to watch or not complain. There was no way he backing off from it. But after a while I could not continue as I lost a few episodes and so could not connect the dots. Asking F for clarification in the middle of the episode does not help. He gives mono syllable explanations. Well I would do the same if I was asked questions in a movie theater - especially if your friend does not know that language.

How did I get rid of them?

Honestly, I didn't. But before giving up, I tried to remind him about The Blacklist, Modern Family, which we equally enjoy watching together. But something made him so glued to SN that I had to patiently wait. Once he was done watching all and there ain't no more seasons, he was back in track with me! :-P 

Lessons Learnt: 

May be watching certain series is F's "me-time" and I should respect that. Wicked me - I allowed him so now he can't say no to my Packed to Rafters!  :-P I just so hope he doesn't come up next with Justice Leagues .. urrrgghhh! 

Have you been a victim of "hubby's choice wins" and no attention to you?  :-) 

Update: Its James Bond movies now... hmmmm....

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