Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares

Rocky road is an easy and delicious no-bake fudge-like chocolate treat stuffed with biscuits, marshmallows, nuts and sometimes even dried fruits. What I have shared here is a rocky road recipe without condensed milk. You can add anything and everything you like to have on it. From seeds, nuts, peanut butter, Turkish delights, mnms, Maltesers, etc. It is yours to customise your rocky road exactly the way you like.
Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares

Originally Published in Jan 2015. Updated the recipe and the content in Nov 2021. Rocky road recipe was the first recipe post on this blog and it was begging to be updated! 😁 I planned and made this batch so that I could try photography style outside my comfort zone. But guess what? I was not too happy with how I staged the pieces. And by the time I changed a couple of times, the bars started to sweat and melt because of the direct daylight🤦. I didn't have the patience to re-chill and re-arrange so just clicked a flat lay. 😂

I was in my early 20s when I got to taste marshmallows! Thanks to my US return friend's daughter (now she is finishing college 🤯) who introduced me to these mini marshmallows. She used to make me roast them over the stove and devour it. Since then to me, marshmallows are a medium to teleport to her mischievous eyes pointing at the pack of marshmallows in her amma's kitchen cabinet. I wish I was what I am now, I would have made some fun rocky road for her! 

Who doesn't love rocky roads? Rocky Road is a fun dessert for kids and adults as it does not require any cooking at all! Just melt, mix and let the fridge do the rest. If you can melt chocolate perfectly then you can make this easy Rocky Road recipe. There are gazillion ways to make a rocky road and this is a basic one. I hope to try more variations in future...If you don't like to bake, then this dessert idea should be up your sleeves! 

What is inside a rocky road? 

Rocky road is predominantly made with melted chocolate and some kind of nuts and dried fruits. Depending on the region additional ingredients like digestive biscuits and marshmallows are also added. While most part of the world devours rocky road bars, you will find this as a popular ice cream flavour too. What I have shared here is a rocky road recipe without condensed milk and without golden syrup. 
  • Chocolate: As this is a no-bake recipe, you can use any good quality milk chocolate that you like eating. Don’t use baking chocolate or compound chocolate. I have tried with dairy milk and even with Hershey semi-sweet choco chips. You may even try and mix milk and dark chocolate. 
  • Butter: I have used unsalted butter but you can replace this with your favourite nut butter. 
  • Honey: Traditionally the UK recipes use golden syrup which is hard to get here so I have used honey and they work great! 
  • Biscuits: Cookies add a crispy texture to rocky roads. I have used a mix of digestive biscuits and Loacker Hazelnut bite-size wafer cookies. You can use any tea biscuits. 
  • Nuts: For the crunch factor, add lots of nuts. Though peanuts are the classic choice, I have used hazelnuts. I roasted and peeled the skin before chopping them roughly. You can use any nuts of your choice or even make a mix of nuts.
  • Marshmallows: These make the rocky road soft and chewy! You can use colourful mini marshmallows or any kind to suit the occasion. This time I got the classic size so had to cut them up. Use scissors to cut large marshmallows. 
  • Optional additions ideas: dried fruits, dried coconut, jelly candies, gummies, glace cherries, mini easter eggs, biscoff, Nutella, peanut butter, etc.
Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares

How do you make a rocky road?

A best rocky road recipe involves melting the chocolate along with butter and honey or golden syrup using the double boiler method. Let that chocolate mix cool a bit before stirring in the mixture of crushed cookies, marshmallows, nuts or even dried fruits until coated. Tip the mixture on a lined tin and top it with more chocolate bars if you want and chill until set. Remove, slice and serve. There is no fixed ratio between chocolate and add-ins, as long as you can cover them in chocolate you can add the items. The more ingredients, the rockier else it would be a fudgy cake - which is not bad either! 😋 

How long can you keep homemade rocky road?

The homemade rocky road can stay in a cool place or be refrigerated for as long as 2 to 3 weeks. As there are hardly any perishable ingredients used, it can stay chilled. But over time the marshmallows may become chewy and cookies soft but they are still fine to consume. You can freeze rocky roads wrapped in cling film and foil for up to a month. To thaw, unwrap and place in a container on the counter.  

Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares

Hazelnut & Wafers Rocky Road Recipe | Chocolate and Marshmallow Squares

Makes 16 squares.


  • 250g milk chocolate (approx 1.5 cups)
  • 120g unsalted butter 
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 100g digestive biscuits ( approx 7 biscuits)
  • 50g hazelnut wafer squares (optional. see notes)
  • 100g mini marshmallows
  • 50g hazelnuts, roasted and peeled
  • 50g dried fruits (optional)
  • icing sugar to dust before serving


Prep the ingredients: 
  1. Place the digestive biscuits into a plastic bag and crush them lightly with a rolling pin until crumbly with pieces of biscuit remaining.
  2. Roughly chop the wafers of your choice and keep them aside. 
  3. Roughly chop any nuts of your choice and keep them aside.
  4. Use a scissor to cut large marshmallows into smaller pieces. 
  5. Roughly chop the chocolate and keep them aside.
  6. Line a 7x7 brownie pan or a square pan with foil or baking paper.
Prepare the chocolate mixture:
  1. Wipe clean a large heatproof bowl making sure there is no drop of water in it. Next, add the chopped chocolate, butter, honey in that bowl over a pan of gently bubbling water. Do not let the bowl touch the water. The steam from the water will aid in melting. Make sure the water doesn't boil over or splash into the chocolate mixture. This could seize the chocolate. 
    1. A double boiler is a cooking method used for transmitting gentle heat, like when melting chocolate. You can make your own double boiler by finding two heatproof bowls, one larger than the other. You partially fill the bottom pan with water and bring this to simmer. Next, position the second bowl with ingredients over it so that it sits around the rim. This method will prevent the burning of chocolate. 
  2. Stir occasionally using a rubber spatula to help the butter and chocolate melt thoroughly. Remove from heat and let it cool for a minute. 
Prepare the rocky road mixture:
  1. Stir in the marshmallows, biscuit crumbs, wafers and nuts and everything else you want to add into the melted chocolate mixture and mix until every item is covered with chocolate. 
  2. Transfer this mixture into the lined pan ensuring it is spread evenly. Use the back of the spoon to press down and spread the mixture to the corners. 
  3. Chill in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours or overnight.
Serve rocky road:
  1. Remove the set rocky road from the pan and use a sharp knife to cut it into portions. Serve the rocky road dusted with some icing sugar.  Keep the leftovers refrigerated. 
  • You can skip the wafers and add more biscuits or nuts or dried fruits.
  • You can add a mix of any nuts of your choice instead of hazelnuts.
  • You can use golden syrup instead of honey. 
Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares
2015 pic


If you’ve tried this rocky road recipe then don’t forget to leave me a comment below! I would love to hear about your experience making it. And if you snapped some shots of it, share them with me on Instagram so I can repost them on my Stories! Thank you!


  1. Oh I love rocky road! Try not to get too hung up on writing your blog for others, just let 'you' shine through - these are the blogs I love reading the most! I follow one blog which is all about the process of blogging, but although I enjoy it, much of it doesn't apply to non business blogs and plus I don't want to get upset over the whole thing if I don't quite fit in a box, as it's supposed to be fun. I had a mini meltdown in the first month but am now enjoying the learning process, and just write about whatever random thing I think of (although I do draft it!!). Hope all that makes sense, just didn't like to read of you being upset by it all x

    1. Awww.... thank you Laura! those words are so encouraging... I am not upset anymore. :-)

  2. Super happy to know that you didn't give up on yourself, your love for food and your joy of cooking! Rocky Roads looks super yum. I'm going to give it a try this weekend. Keep up the spirit and keep sharing all your fun cooking adventures :-) Heaps of love xoxox

    1. credit to you Kani! Thank you for listening ...some times, we just need someone to listen and not give advises or perspectives! just listen! Love.

  3. Thank you so much for trying it and for the the feed back. Glad to find your blog. Good work !!

  4. Ah this always makes me smile when I see it in a café!


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