Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares

Who doesn't love rocky road? a bar of good quality chocolate, tea biscuits, nuts and mini marshmallows can make these easy fridge cakes, loved by kids and grown-ups alike.

I know I did not want to come anywhere close to being a Food blog, but what can I say - what you resist will persist, isn't it? Last night I read a post on finding the niche to blog. I sat wondering what are my passions and which I am good at it too? Like it cannot be something you are passionate about but not good at it. Honestly, after reading that post I was this close to giving up blogging and also sobbed so much that I had to have verbal diarrhoea with one of my BFFs back in India. She gave me a list of things I am good at and one of them was cooking.

When F was back from work, I told him what I went through in the afternoon and how helpless I felt. Like what is that I am good at? nothing? When he asked me the same question and I kept thinking a lot. I remembered most of my summer holidays used to be in art classes like fabric painting, glass painting, clay designs, tailoring, etc. But the sad part is I never pursued any of it after the summer. So, I am not an expert but I love to spend time doing those kinds of stuff. With corporate work experience in the Learning industry, I have realized that almost every company I worked for had appreciated my method and procedure writing. Therefore an attempt in recipe writing which involves methods and procedure writing!

Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares

Mini Marshmallows 

The first time I ever got to know about mini marshmallows was in my early 20s. I used to spend time with two kids of a friend who had returned from the USA and they were used to snacks that were really new to me. Thanks to her and the kids, I became a fan of mini marshmallows. And next thing I was super surprised was a packet of marshmallows - a huge one - just one packet - in a supermarket here in Yanbu! I picked it without a second thought.

I came across a simple recipe of rocky road bars here and I made it with little changes because I did not have all the stuff mentioned there. 

Rocky Roads! 

Rocky road is a type of no-bake slice made up of milk chocolate and marshmallows which is usually served in individual portions like a brownie. These are easy to make but tastes great when you use quality chocolate! 

Rocky Road | Chocolate & Marshmallow Squares

Rocky Road | Chocolate and Marshmallow Squares


  1. 10 tea biscuits 
  2. A handful of mini marshmallows 
  3. 150gms quality dark chocolate
  4. 50gms unsalted butter 
  5. 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey
  6. a handful of nuts (optional)
  7. Icing sugar for dusting

Make the Rocky Road

  1. Place the biscuits into a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin until crumbly with pieces of biscuit remaining
  2. Crush the nuts of your choice in a similar way
  3. Take any square tin or glassware and line it with a foil
  4. Use a thick-bottomed saucepan to melt the chocolate, syrup, and butter in the lowest flame. 
  5. Reserve some portion of the melted chocolate mixture
  6. Fold the marshmallows, biscuit crumbs and nuts into the mixture
  7. Pour this mixture into the prepared tin ensuring it is spread evenly
  8. Pour the reserved melted chocolate and smooth the top
  9. Cover the tray with a cling film and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight
  10. Cut the rocky road into cubes using a sharp knife in a sawing action - which will stop it from cracking
  11. Dust the squares with icing sugar using a sieve and serve
  12. Keep refrigerated 
Making some?


  1. Oh I love rocky road! Try not to get too hung up on writing your blog for others, just let 'you' shine through - these are the blogs I love reading the most! I follow one blog which is all about the process of blogging, but although I enjoy it, much of it doesn't apply to non business blogs and plus I don't want to get upset over the whole thing if I don't quite fit in a box, as it's supposed to be fun. I had a mini meltdown in the first month but am now enjoying the learning process, and just write about whatever random thing I think of (although I do draft it!!). Hope all that makes sense, just didn't like to read of you being upset by it all x

    1. Awww.... thank you Laura! those words are so encouraging... I am not upset anymore. :-)

  2. Super happy to know that you didn't give up on yourself, your love for food and your joy of cooking! Rocky Roads looks super yum. I'm going to give it a try this weekend. Keep up the spirit and keep sharing all your fun cooking adventures :-) Heaps of love xoxox

    1. credit to you Kani! Thank you for listening ...some times, we just need someone to listen and not give advises or perspectives! just listen! Love.

  3. Thank you so much for trying it and for the the feed back. Glad to find your blog. Good work !!


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