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January 15, 2015

Thursday is here and that means time for another thankful shout-out! It was weird initially to get used to the fact that gulf week starts on a Sunday! But now, Sunday or Monday - for me its everyday Friday! :-P OK, today I am going to share a Food blog which is very close to my heart. I don't really remember how I landed there but once I got there, I knew it was going to be my stop station. All the pictures in this post are from my Instagram and inspired by the blog I am recommending this week.

The Big Sweet Tooth, yes like the name suggests she has a lot of dessert recipes. Like my title, she keeps everything simple. F is a big sweet tooth and he needs something sweet post every meal. She has recipes that you can make so quickly that even on a lazy day, you can have just the dessert as a meal. I do that most of times thinking that is dieting! :-D

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These ladoos saved me from "what were you doing all day?" look from F. He never says or does that but I hardly have any work to do at home and what reason can I give him for not making a sweet dish for post dinner? I went to her blog, got the recipe right under the Recipe index (so well categorized that it was easy and quick to find what will bail me out) worked on making it and done just in time. I never told him how easy it was until he ate all of it! :-D

I just realized, the way I shop is exactly the way I choose to follow a blog. If I find something I like in the first shop, I pick it right away and not think like may be I will get a better one in the second shop. Oh! I have friends and cousins like that and I hate to go shopping with them. So that is how I like this blog, I saw it, it perfectly fitted my needs. I still check out other food blogs but never stick to those like I do with this and a few.
  • If you are like me - newly married, staying with hubby in gulf, no kids yet, new to cooking for two, and you are from down south Indian state Kerala, then this blog is the savior. 
  • If you are that Muslim woman who want to to do 5 time prayer, get closer to Allah, remember His words, then you have a bonus with her daily messages from her. 
  • If you love life's little things and inspirational quotes along with a lively story from her daily life or her memories of childhood that you can relate too, then she will make you feel you know her for years or remind you of someone in your family. 
  • If you are a total newbie to cooking, then her very simple recipes be it veggies or meat, sweets or bakes, she makes it simple. Meaning, when you read her blog recipes, you will have no qualms to try it too. Some food blogs make a simple dish seem so complicated that you feel that no its not something that you can pull off. 

Time to try some new desserts and break the norm of sticking to Indian sweets. I wanted to surprise F with this simple, yet delicious and Afghan dessert, he couldn't believe when I said how simple it actually was to make. 

Not only sweets, she posts simplest dish like French Beans Uperi to International Cuisines. The best part of her blog is the quantity of the main ingredient - I don't have to double it or reduce it - She makes for less than 4 which makes it perfect for me. All I have to do is follow her measurement which gives me for 2 and some leftovers. Worked best for me, as I hate to cook lunch just for me on weekdays.

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Lets be honest, there are bad baking days! I made a chocolate lava cake and guess what, F did not eat more than a piece. I felt so bad and realized it was not as sweet as he wanted it. He is not a fan of dark chocolate. So I remembered her idea of making over a crumbled cake, I got inspired and added mocha mousse to layer it. Made two cups and served for lunch on a Friday, he never knew what went into it was what he rejected! :-P

Her instructions are brief and there is no ifs and buts. Even if she posts about a recipe you already know, her stories and quotes are worth the read. So I still go to her page to know what she has to share.

Picture from her blog, and I am going to try this soon. 

Check out her blog, I am sure you will find something that you want to give it a try. I am going to try the Honey Yogurt Cake today.

Thank you Raf, for making my cooking adventures fun and easy!

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  1. JazakAllah Khair for the heartfelt words dear... I am humbled and flattered, much more than what words can express. My blog is only for a little inspiration for myself and challenging myself and I feel happy if Alhamdulillah, somebody finds it help for them... BarakAllah feek... :)

    1. Already told a lot over FB :-D still keeping up with the blogging etiquette. Thank you for the kind words and awesome work that you share.

  2. Really its helpful and impressive with lots of dishes. Will surely follow and prepare accordingly. Thank u for the share...

    1. My pleasure! Please do share your feedback on her blog!

  3. Sounds like a great blog! I'm going to go have a look now, thanks for sharing! :)



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