Some Silly Childhood Memories

As my day to travel back home is nearing, I have started to get these bouts of homesickness more often during the day and the context it happens is more baffling. I had this urge to watch as many episodes of Packed to the Rafters (PTR) as I can today as it going to be the weekend and that means I will not get to watch in peace with F around. Though this is my second time, it is this time I am actually more focused and some of the scenes today made me miss home terribly - especially my dad.

I know today is the last Thursday of this month and a Thankful post is due. As I never draft, posts are never out as planned. But yet, since morning, I kept thinking about what or for whom should today's post be dedicated. I had a couple of ideas but it wouldn't be fair and possible to get them in one post and that too in a short time. So I dropped the plan and continued watching PTR.

I wanted to get distracted from this feeling of not being closer to home. Weirdly, I miss them now so much when I am about to meet them soon. I came to my laptop to check some food blogs but I was not reading. my mind wandered to my childhood days with my family.

Getting ready to schooforevery morning

Both dad and mom used to be very involved in making sure that all their three kids are ready to board the van. Dad goes around my sister feeding her the breakfast. She was always late! Mom packs the lunch box and our cat (tinku) was always curling around our legs when there is total madness getting all set. The poor thing used to be so neglected in that rush hour.

Mom's crepes 

Mom makes these lovely crepes and serves them with jam, rolls with coconut fillings, or stir-fried plantains. This used to be most of the evenings when we walk in back from school.

Tea-bread Ice-cream

My brother used to stuff pieces of bread into the hot cup of tea until it can be scooped and had. Sister and I did the same thing and it was yum. A new way to eat tea hehehheheDosa Time
Each one gets fresh from the pan into our plates and it's non-stop. Mom caters to each one's choice of chutney and I wanted the red one made with red chillis.


Breakfast with family - dad spreads butter on all the toasted bread and it is not the breakfast.. it is the snack with morning tea. The actual breakfast happens a little later which would be idly, puttu, poori. upma, etc. It was always like that, with morning tea the snacks themselves used to be heavy and then there is breakfast too. Every time this happens, Dad would say why do this double breakfast? and if    all just tea was served, he always asks for the "Kadi" (snacks) :-)

Nothing gets over

That one last piece of anything - stays there - be it a biscuit, candy, chocolate, bread, plum cake anything - if there is only one left - no one eats it thinking let the other have it.

Taking sides

Sibling rivalry was big time in our home and as worst as it can get. Mom used to be surprised that we become so friendly in a short time. Worst was my brother, who had a hard time making up his mind on whose side to take - me or my sister.

The garden or the hens

Mom's hens always ruined my garden and every day after school I had to check which all plants were destroyed and I go ranting about how her hens were not good.. etc.. eventually I gave up gardening and the hens won. I was glad they got cooked! Buaaahh!

Rooster for Alarm

Yes, mom's that big fat rooster could walinsidede our home and also knows the way to our bedroom and then we no need no alarm to wake up.. he goes with his signature song right next to our ear! DDon'tthink we lived on a farm... wish I were.. but this was amidst town.

When I was a kid, being the last one I am always the kid, but I so badly wanted to grow up. The family has grown in numbers with marriages and kids. The last time we all were together was for my wedding. It was total fun and I realized we were totally the same when we are together...

What I listed are the smallest thithat makeakes me laugh now ... writing them down just helped me relive it. There are a lot more that we end up talkinabout g when we get together.. and I miss them so much ...

Isn't it a great thing that parents do - let go - they let their children go and build their lives and family? It is the bond that they brought us up with which stands forever. Thinking about it, I had detested so much of my childhood days and always felt it could have been better, but now I know I wouldn't want it in any other way. I am gifted with all the things I need to lead a blissful life.

I can't thank you enough...

Now, I am sure you got thinking of your best times with your family!