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When I asked a few of my stay@homewife friends what they do all day, the ones with kids had a lot to keep them busy and the ones with no kids are also busy. It so happens that even with all the freedom they have unlike here, these ladies love to stay home, get back to sleep after hubby leaves to work, watch TV serials, eat something and sleep in the afternoon. I heard "sleeping" quite a lot and realized I never like to sleep in the daytime nor even wake up late during the weekends.

Back during my Bangalore days, I used to be up early even on a Saturday and had to be careful not to make any noise lest I disturb my housemate J. I loved to watch the sun shine down our windows, the morning newspaper flying into our balcony, a hot cup of tea and hot news were how my day use to start. I hate to miss the day, the earlier I wake up the more time I have and more things I can do.

Here in Yanbu, I terribly missed that motivation of looking forward to a productive day. I mean what a waste of time of my life if I sleep, cook, and just wait for hubby dear to be back home. It is so very easy to get depressed, feel helpless, feel anxious, have low self-esteem, grow fat and then all the sickness that includes homesickness, pet sick, friends sick, etc. There were days where I felt I am just wasting my time here and I am not having a life, this place sucks, and what is in it for me.. etc...
Poor F has to listen through my ramblings and he does not say a word - which I appreciate. Sometimes I just need a listener and he is perfect!

I brought some changes to myself than just sitting and complaining. Changes made me have a more positive approach and I am loving each day as a gift. These pointers might help you if you are a stay-at-home-wife living in KSA especially to stay calm and not become that boring self-hating person...

Home is where your heart is

I never felt any attachment to this place until I changed my perspective. Home is where your hubby is - that is why I am here. Even though I hate this place for its limitations, I should not hate the home we live in. This is a small space in this country where I do whatever I please. So I began to make the house a home and that keeps me busy and happy.

Way to your man's heart is through his stomach

There is nothing that can bring joy than a good spread of delicious meals and dessert that makes him rejoice and eat with a grin. Seriously, if not for F, I would have been happy with a bowl of salad, cereals, rice and rotis. I truly don't know what his favourite dish is, because he says my food never tastes the same again. So he just likes whatever I make and I am glad about that. But I shall wait for him to say,  "make me some XXXX" that would be my real victory.

Pick up a hobby

Watching sitcoms, and reading blogs - can take away a major portion of the day and then it is time again to make dinner. I used to get so hooked to reading blogs after blogs because they are all so linked up (pun intended) that there is no end unless  I took up crocheting and went hunting for the kit. Let me tell you, Yanbu has Jarir Bookstore and their yarn collection is always so limited and in bad taste. I went thrice to only come back with a 4.4 mm needle and some boring colour yarns. I still crochet with the 4.4 even if the yarn is thick or thin. My past experience was only making friendship bands in school days, so this was fun when I discovered YouTube channels that have tutorials and free patterns. For now, I can only do little things as there is a shortage of yarns in Yanbu.

Click Pictures - a lot of them

This might sound weird, but it is true. The moment I step out of the house and in the car, I have my phone up with the camera on! I click everything that catches my eye and also a lot of selfies of us. It would seem that I am a new tourist in town because I don't see any other person doing that. But bringing back home the pictures is like etching memories. I realized that I enjoy clicking away and making beautiful pictures. Maybe I will take this up as my next project - learn the basics of photography!

Get Social

I have been very unlucky in this aspect. I guess I can actually count the number of times I have been out for a gathering. I miss having friends here and the good thing is it helps me value all the friends I had all my life back in India. I try to keep in touch with most of them. Then I felt they all are busy working and just because I am home, I cannot expect them to respond immediately. That's how I started blogging and the Instagram bug also caught me recently.


I lately realized that so much goes into thinking about what to cook for him if he would like, would he be OK, etc... that I fail to cater to my own needs. Not only to my taste buds but overall to take care of me. So these days apart from getting lost on the blog web, I make my fav desserts, apply face packs, go through make-up trials, try that cat eyeliner, wear my heels and walk around, and dress up ( and you can find out which ones no longer fit) :-P

I shall stop now.. has been a lazy day for me. I am not even in the mood to pick and choose pictures for this post. Leaving with an amazing sky I got to capture last week...

It is strange how even to see something like a sunrise or sunlight... I got to wait till a weekend. I have learnt to appreciate every little thing that I am blessed with.


  1. What a lovely post! You've listed so many things here that I love to do too! I work, but at the weekend I always used to be saying 'I'm bored!'... my hubby told me to get a hobby... now I have photography, blogging, photo editing, writing, reading, cooking.... to many to fit into two days!! xo

    1. Hey Laura! true, I know what all can be done and then there would be no time.. yet I get bored and sulk... :-)

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