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February is here, and this is my personal fav month, because I was born in Feb and for the past few years -  good things happen for me or I make it happen as I am the focus for me this entire month. I have a tradition that I try and keep up for every year. More on that later, today I am here to just share some pictures of Yanbu and show some love to it.

I had my last weekend in Yanbu and I actually got teary on our long drive. Of course it is not the place, but this is where I started to live as a family with F, learnt a lot on cooking, started a blog, learnt crocheting, watched a lot of movies, sitcoms, started taking the online Islamic course, made some blogger friends, began to appreciate little things, admire day light, adore watching a crowd, get lost in thoughts, no deadlines, no meetings, no conference calls,...

I read somewhere online that Yanbu had a greatest flower show last year in the month of Feb, and the Janadriyah festival in Jeddah also happens in the month of Feb. Now I so wish I stay for longer! :-) Hopefully next time. InshaAllah.

The Royal Commission  in Yanbu celebrated their 40 years last year. That was the time I came to Yanbu and saw all the roads having this neon lights on with the 40 number. I never understood why the Royal Commission is different from the rest of Yanbu. But if you are here, you will know you have entered the RC locality by the clean roads, bed of flowers, and absolutely a treat to the eyes! Most of the malls, restaurants and parks are located within Royal Commission. The bed of flowers in multiple colors and kinds can be seen all over especially during the winter season. This might be a sneak-peek for the Flower show. 
This was during a drive through Yanbu Al-Nakhal. We saw some amazing views of mountains both sides of the road and the shades of the mountains varied which I really loved watching. 

Yanbu Al - Nakhal (the Palms), guess the reason why they have this as the welcome sign. 

I saw this which looked like work in progress. More like a stop over park for family. I hope it is not ruins because I did not see any workers. The mountain which seemed more like a man-made had some stairs and spring of water flowing and the entire area was fenced. 
Of course all my pictures are taken from inside the car, and this one was amazing view and much better than what I captured. Road work was going on in most part of the drive through this region. I read that Al Nakhal is a region that houses pockets of villages that are maintained in its original form. I guess what they meant was it was not touched by modernization. 
Honestly, I thought I will see camels everywhere based on what I heard growing up. This one, I spotted alone and looks to me so malnourished! Haven't had a chance to touch one. Always thought that herbivorous animals are harmless or not scary until I saw an elephant back in India. Boy! I was scared to death standing next to it. 

This is just a portion of the stretch of land that has these motor vehicle mostly comprising cars dumped. I have been through this road a couple of times and it has increased in the quantity of waste. 
In another few days, I am off to India. It is a mixed feeling, happy to meet my mom, dad, sis and nephew, MIL, BILs, the new borns', grandparents, cousins, friends, all those walk-in cats, and then mom's food. Do you think I will have time to write posts for my blog? :-P


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