Comin' Back

Ramadan is almost coming to an end and I am going to miss the vibe this holy month creates. Whatever is said it is the food during Ifthar that gains all the attention in every household. Ifthar is a mini feast time that has lot of memories attached to it, especially now after being married, I see how different it is at in-laws. Ifthar parties, sharing food, and praying together are things I cherish. Last year I was with F in Yanbu in our new unfurnished apartment where I began my cooking experience which was going from OK to being better to good by when I had to return to India.

There were weddings, shopping, checking interior designs for the new home my in-laws are constructing, a quick trip to Bangalore to catch up with friends, ifthar parties, before I can realize, five months have gone past. When I had some time for myself, I was only sulking as I never wanted to live far away from F.  I had ignored my this blog most of the time due to lack of inspiration, motivation or I was just too lazy/busy to even think about this space. The good news is I will be going back to Yanbu soon after my lil bil's wedding end of August. Insha Allah. And this is what inspired me to come back to the blog. Yes, this is my only friend when I live in KSA.

Somehow after I came back to India, I hardly got a chance to show my acquired culinary expertise! :-P.When the storm of busy schedule died, I found myself glued to the series Suits Season 2, 3, and now 4. Ramadan pushed me out of the couch... I had to brush up my cooking skills else I will have to start from scratch and that is a place I never want to be again. 

I got  back to reading my blog roll posts. I was sad to know the Mandi ended her blog Under the Abaya but truly happy for her. I have to catch up a lot on Erin Motz Yoga and Noor has great things as usual cooked and shared. Raf is still on a marathon posting. I love her diligence. Laura is going places. I have found many more interesting blogs and I cannot fathom how these women are able to manage everything from family, kids, blog, to work etc.  

I should stop living in the past, and with "if onlys". I have to move on to know what I can do with the time I have now. Drawing inspiration from these blogs, I took my first step and no other time is better than now.If there is something that keeps me focused and happy it is cooking. And cooking is a therapy - so true in my case.  The rule to learn cooking is to know there is no right and wrong way until and unless you have a finger licking dish served.

I found what inspires me and I am excited about it. I guess it was always there out in open, just that I have accepted the fact now. And it doesn't seem a chore anymore.