Back to the Kingdom

The only reason I was willing to come back to Saudi is F and nothing else mattered to me. I would have everything, from job to freedom back in India but then will not have his company. One of his colleague mentioned that I was bold to have decided to come and stay here for good. Strangely, this time I felt I was coming back to home. I am here to stay and make it worthwhile for us.

Nothing much has changed in Yanbu, a lot of new supermarkets and shops, new roads and definitely more crowd. I see a lot of people are moving in here from around the world. That means I will have to find a more peaceful time to shop. 

I had been to Al Khobar, eastern province of Saudi Arabia a couple of times and I so envy their options to eat out with world famous restaurants spread across the land. I console myself thinking that would be catastrophic for my health and weight if it was same in Yanbu. I am glad Yanbu has very few good options to eat out apart from the usual mcds and herfy.

Anyways, lets me see how I am going to get going this time.