Life Lately

Hey you all !  I realized its just a month or more I have been away from the blog but seems like ages to me. So that was seven months of stay at India home and a loads of body fat.

Here are a few things I did while I was back home:

1. Amidst all the maddening events, I made some me-time and found this amazing beauty parlor in Calicut called Laura Salon.  It was the closest kind to the one I am used to in Bangalore but their charges are exorbitant. However, I got my haircut done and the lady talked me into getting a few streaks and for the first time I got it done with red and brown shades. When you do things spontaneously it is so exciting isn't it?

2. I had to get a whole new set of wardrobe, because
a. what I had failed to fit me
b. what fit were out of the trend and wearing one got looks of , "which world are you? what the $#@$ are you wearing? this is so out of fashion!". Seriously? Saudi life has made me so outdated with what was going on in the fashion world in Kerala. Everyone had something called Karachi Salwar suits, a floor length salwar accompanied with palazzo pants. So I too joined the bandwagon and got a few suits from Kamals boutique. More than anything, I enjoyed every minute of the freedom of choice of cloths I could wear minus the abaya. I have posted a picture of one of them here.

3. After the holy month of Ramadan, I woke up way too late and slept way too late - even at my in-laws. I am so blessed that she doesn't bother me unlike usual mils. I sleep everyday watching a movie, Suits or Game of thrones and sometimes rerun the sex and the city. There was absence of routine and I got too comfortable without one.

4. Cooking occasionally - mil (mother-in-law) wants me to cook as she wants a break from her style but bils wants mothers food and they want me to learn how she cooks etc etc etc. I safely just help her in chopping stuffs and do the cake baking and snacks making as my department! :-P So, yeah I have not cooked to my hearts content rather had the pleasure of eating without thinking twice... let me eat, I can diet or starve when I live in Saudi. Here is the Dates cake I had baked and had to baked twice after this on demand. I hope to get to this recipe soon on the blog.

5. Finally replaced my good old micromax phone with a long awaited microsoft. Was it a good news? It was for me until it began giving me troubles within six months of purchase. And then on every other person I meet, had to comment on how lousy that phone is and that should have consulted them before buying... :-(

I have to catch up with my blogroll reads and soon will keep in touch. For some reason bloglovin isnt working here, the webpage never opens up. Is it banned in Saudi?

Let me know what you have been up to lately...