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I am speaking for myself here, but I am so sure there are other women out there who knowingly or unknowingly give the silent treatment to her partner for various reasons without much success and also end it most of the time being tired of trying to get the right attention. I recently realized that I cannot keep my thoughts silent and so it is just being  mute to him but in reality there is a whole whirlwind of thoughts more that the usual days going on inside my head that make it so tiring that I finally give up. The best part is I never let him know that I was in mute for a reason.... Sometimes I too go .. "women!" - rolling my eyes... I just wonder, why I could not talk directly instead? Why do this drama and then feel bad again? Why wait for him to ask me what is wrong? In spite of having the best relationship where I can talking anything under the sun and be my worst too, there are these incidents that put me to shame for doing it. I hate that and I never want to do that. It is just a waste of time and there is nothing to benefit from it other than being a drama queen! eek!

That said. I am so thankful to him for motivating me to blog (not sure if that was the way he could enjoy watching his favorite movies) and that this blog is nearing its first anniversary was just another reason for me to stick around...

If you had visited this space earlier, you would have noticed that now I have a new look with a new banner! I began with changing the banner and ended up changing the template and then it screwed up the entire settings because of the new https thingy thanks to Google. But I was not upset! to make it better I worked on it and I loved every minute of setting this up. I had to bring the page up and running before the MENA cooking club starts...

Recently we went to Khobar to meet his friend's new born baby girl, Zainab.  But I had other agendas too! I went shopping in LuLu to grab as much as I can from the Indian ethnic aisle. I went crazy seeing the options of variety they have and so wished lulu opens up one in Yanbu or at least in Jeddah. I had to be selective this time owing to the luggage restriction but I am glad with all that I got. It will keep me happy for a few months. Hoping to post some of my favorite south Indian recipes... And praying LuLu opens up in Yanbu. 


  1. So glad I just found your blog!, your food pics are making me drool :D And I love the design, great job!
    One suggestion, would you add either commentluv or discus comments on here.. Would be easier to leave comments as bloggers ;)

    Do visit me sometime over at Blue Abaya :)

    1. are you kidding! I have been following your blog ever since I came to KSA. Majorly for the travel and restaurant ideas! You have the colorful and wonder"ful" blog posts... I am not sure if I have commented anywhere but you are on my blogroll and subscribed.. I don't miss your post at all! Gosh! you just made my day! Thank you!


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