Qubbani Ka Meetha | Dried Apricot Pudding

So my blog baby is turning one today! Alhamdulillah! I did not have to think a lot about what to gift, it was my first and only choice. Though it took me a while to muster the courage to ask her if she could do a guest post for the blog's anniversary, I never thought she would say Yes so quickly and be as excited as I! That is not surprising for the foodie she is! I am so excited to have a very talented Muslim blogger cum virtual friend as my guest today with a sweet gift. She is a working mother of two girls and runs a food blog too. Let us see what she has got for this baby... join me in welcoming Rafeeda from The Big Sweet Tooth

Welcome, Raf! Thank you so much for accepting my invitation to share your passion in my workspace. You are an amazing selfless person I have come across in my life and I am thankful to Allah for this.

Qubbani Ka Meetha | Dried Apricot Pudding

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarkathuhu… 

I never knew a place like Yanbu existed in Saudi Arabia until I came across Famidha’s lovely blog. For me, like many other outsiders, Saudi is all about Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. None of the other areas of this vast country is known to the outside world. Ever since we have caught up with each other’s blogs, we have chatted on and off and I truly enjoy her company. Being newly married and in an alien place is not a joke, and it is good to see that she is utilizing her time by working up a blog.

A little introduction about myself – My name is Rafeeda and I blog at The Big Sweet Tooth, which is my little diary of recipes and much more. I have no such story to say as to how the blog was born – it was born just out of random and I am Alhamdulillah happy that I am still up with it. Being a working mother with two girls at home, cooking is a stress buster for me. I love to try different types of foods in my little kitchen, especially sweets and desserts, thereby justifying my blog name. Having a sweet tooth is really not a good thing as such and how much ever I try, I struggle to keep away from them. I have a company with me in the form of my daughters but since I am supposed to teach good eating habits as a mother, I try to keep them minimal as possible – even though my blog doesn't look like it! Hehe…

Fami approached me last week for a guest post for her space that is completing one year of its existence. I know how the feeling of it is. A blog is like a baby that you take care of whenever you get time to, though many won’t understand the gist behind the process. I am currently in my third year of blogging and so far, the journey has been good, Alhamdulillah. The challenge is to sustain the interest in blogging and keep the passion alive. I sincerely wish Fami lots and lots of blogging years ahead…

Since it is a sweet occasion, I decided to come up with a sweet – of course! Since I am trying more to have fruity desserts, here is one that we tried and enjoyed a lot. Qubbani Ka Meetha is nothing but dried apricots cooked in a sugar sauce till squishy. This is very famous in Hyderabad and is a common feature of their weddings. I have never had it anywhere but somehow I was craving for it – strange, isn't it? – so when I had some stock of dried apricots in my pantry, I decided to make it. The dessert with a generous slathering of cream and some nuts is just out of the world. This is just one way of having it. You can top the compote onto some vanilla ice cream or have it along with some cold custard. Let us have a look at how it is prepared.

Qubbani Ka Meetha | Dried Apricot Pudding

Qubbani Ka Meetha Recipe

Serves 4 in small shot glasses


  • 1/2 cup dried apricots
  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • 5-6 strands of saffron
  • Cream and nuts for topping


  1. Place the dried apricot in a bowl, and cover it with water around an inch above the level. Keep soaked overnight.
  2. The next day, add them into a saucepan (along with the water) and sugar and cook on low flame, mashing the apricot with a wooden spoon. 
  3. Continue cooking and stirring continuously till it becomes a pulpy mash. 
  4. Add the crushed saffron strands and continue to stir
  5. Ensure to keep stirring, as it may get caught on the bottom. 
  6. Take off the heat, and allow it to cool. 
  7. Divide into four shot glasses, top with cream and nuts and enjoy!

It is really easy, right? Yes, the only time taken is to stand with the apricot till it becomes a mash. 

JazakAllah Khair Fami for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this beautiful space… Hope to meet you soon… Yanbu doesn't seem to be an option for me but hopefully, Dubai is an option for you…  
Dubai it is then.  Insha Allah! Thank you so much, Raf!


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