The Open Door

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life in Yanbu. Let me share the why!


During the drive from Yanbu airport to our new home a year ago, F went on to describe the new home with its good and bad points so that I am prepared. "It's on the second floor and you have a terrace all for yourself". I kinda got carried away with that and the rest of the things he said just faded. I was so dreaming about my mornings and evenings on the terrace watching the sky or just spending some time soaking in the sun for Vitamin D. I can only relate to my life in Bangalore, where in all the three houses I lived, we had a beautiful huge terrace where we meet other ladies of the building, kids, etc. So the idea in Yanbu, just made me expect the same.

The excitement did not last too long. We realized that none of the keys we were given was for the door to the terrace. :-( After a few months of nagging F to get the key, I gave up. But as ours is the only apartment on this floor, and my main door opens to the "always closed" terrace door - I get reminded of it every single day!

So you can believe how excited I would have been when I got to know the door finally is opened (for one of the tenants who wanted to fix a satellite tv dish)  I was super excited to get a peep outside.


The next day morning, guess what - NO WATER! Not a drop! This is another recently developed issue in this area...But this time I am smiling through and through because I get to make the tea, take it out to the terrace, enjoy sipping it while walking and bird watching, sky staring.. etc. "So what will you do? no water!" and I did not get upset because something good happened out of it. If there was water, F would have gone about with his routine and off to work! Because there was no water, he stayed for a while and we could spend some time sipping hot chai on the terrace! which to me now is a priceless moment.

Unlike in India, the terrace walls here are as tall as mine due to which other similar buildings cannot see us and there is no building with more than 2 floors in this locality. As the door to this is right outside my main door, I just had to walk out and out and no need for an abaya! I could see the bird whose chirping I always hear and it was so calming without that weird AC noise! 

Unfortunately, that lasted just a day. As of today, the door is closed again. Wonder who is having the keys!!! So that is the story behind this picture. Black and white because it is a past now, it rare moment, it's priceless.. and I don't see it happening any time soon.