How to Stock Fresh Green Leaves for Longer Period

I am sure many of us would have faced this or still facing.. fresh greens getting bad too soon and so we end up using more than required or they go into the trash. I hate to throw away even curry leaves that used to be available free at home. I learnt to keep these fresh for long by experimenting for a few months during my first stay in Yanbu. As it is just F and me, I had to find some way to retain them fresh for long. The main reason being, they don't sell small quantity. A bunch of coriander is what I need that will last for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

So, today I will share my ideas and ways I keep them fresh. My first lessons were from my mom who used to store coriander leaves wrapped in a newspaper in a tight box which stays in the fridge. But because she cooked for five most of the time, it was not a big deal as stocks used to get refilled soon. This will help everyone, those who buy bulk or those like me who need sustain them for longer period. Let me warn you, you need to make space in your fridge to make this work.

This is applicable to any green leafy veggies and vegetables like beans and carrots, also berries too. It is a very simple method and will take away fridge real estate so you will have to work smart and organize the things in there. All you need is a few food containers and kitchen tissues.


  1. If the leaves come with roots, cut the roots off 
  2. Remove any bad leaves, like yellowed ones, wet and decaying ones etc. 
  3. Place a kitchen tissue inside the container
  4. Wrap the leaves in another tissue and keep it in the box 
  5. Place another kitchen tissue on top 
  6. Close it and leave it on the second or third rack of the fridge 
  7. When you take it out to use, if you find the top tissue is wet, then replace it before you put it back. 
These pictures were taken today, but they are at least 2 weeks old. Curry leaves are still an exception for me, as they aren't fresh even when it comes to the market here. So, I still dry them to powder

The usual method that people I know use are placing them in the same plastic pack, or wrapping in newspaper and leaving them in the vegetable box at the bottom. These do not work for me. If it doesn't work for you either, then give this method a trial. 

Do you have any other ideas?