A New Routine

After the Open Door post, here is another priceless moment. The unimaginable happened on Sunday the 3rd of January 2016 evening.

You all know that I cannot step out alone any time of the day without a male guardian. Yes it is true at least at this part of Saudi Arabia. The only time I get out is on weekends which is mostly inside a super market or in the car. There are parks and corniches even women only parts too but there is no way for me to go alone. So  I used to ask F if we could at least do a post dinner walks which will help both of us. But it never happened and some how we just got comfortable being fat. :-) 

With the sudden determination to get back to shape and good health, I began to talk only about how much we should cut down on portions, use less ghee, hide all the chocolates and snacks from him, etc. I think my desire to get healthy has finally rubbed off on F because we started our post dinner walks from Sunday! Yay!

Sunday is to us what Monday is for rest of the world! F usually comes a bit late after work but every day we are done with dinner by 7 PM and by the time I wrap the kitchen and other chores its 8. When he said lets go for a walk, I did not believe it until he wore his shoes. Quickly I wore the abaya, shoes and wrapped the shyla before he changes his mind or me mine! :-P  We headed out of the building and began walking with no definite route. We did a good 30 minutes of brisk walk.

This picture was taken a year ago when we went to the sea shore early morning and walked lazily enjoying the fresh air. 

This is the very first time I actually walked on the roads of my neighbourhood under the dark night sky. There were no other human being on the road.. not a soul was to be seen other than a few cars on the drive way. It was just us and lots of CATS! Cats in every turn and knowing how much I love that fluff.. he slowed down to keep me company.. :-P 

I so wanted to share this moment very next day, but wanted to see if we will keep up the routine.. and Alhamdulillah, we went for walks past three days taking different routes and keeping it minimum 30 minutes. I will ensure we continue.. anything to keep us focused on the road to good health!

I am doing this walk in addition to my 40 minutes of workout at home. 

Tip: Give a gap of at least an hour after meal to start the walk as you do not want to slow down the digestion. 

What have you added to your daily routine to a path of healthy lifestyle?