Easy Lychee Ice Cream with a Punch

Lychees, litchi, or lichee is a tropical fruit which I got introduced to a few years ago while in Bangalore. I never bothered to buy them again because of the peeling task involved in it and not to mention that big fat seed residing inside just puts me off as after all the discarding.. you just have a few tiny pieces to actually eat.. with a full-time job those days I resorted to cartons of Tropicana to satiate my lychee craves.

Easy Lychee Ice Cream with a Punch

Fast forward to Yanbu - a couple of weeks ago I saw so much of lychee, more than the apples in the market and got so greedy and picked almost a kilo of it. Now that is way too much for just two of us... but there is never too much of fruits, right? I added them to our breakfast for first few days though my mind was wanting to make something out of it. The weather is getting colder, and it is not strange to crave for a bowl of ice cream with warm chocolate brownie...yummmmm...  but never got to that as I have to wait for the weekend! So then I realized it been a long time since I made ice creams after the Blackberry Ice Cream. I just have to replace the fruit in that recipe but did not want chocolates or vanilla and also I had only whipping powder handy which means I have to sit down and make notes. 

After doing a research about the Lychee fruit and what pairs well with, I drafted a recipe which included some cream cheese to make the whipping cream tad heavier. For the background flavour, I chose to go with a dash of ginger juice. The ice cream of this version was good but the texture was not what I expected, though F thought it was perfect. But I had to do it again to get a desirable texture and made it without cream cheese and voila, it was perfect for homemade quick ice cream and with the dash of ginger it just gave a punch to this cold dessert! 

Easy Lychee Ice Cream with a Punch
second attempt 

Whipping Powder, whipping cream or heavy cream can be used to make this ice cream. Just ensure to prepare the cream as per the packet instructions. Add more fruits or any additional bites like chocolates etc. As per my findings, Lychee pairs well with citrus, ginger, and any tropical fruit, or vanilla. I chose to go with ginger and it was indeed a hit! The Lychee itself tasted so much like tender coconut once it was blended.. so maybe adding some coconut will enhance the mild flavour. 

Having done the peeling now for almost more than 20 lychees, I found the easiest method to peel and pit without much wastage. Wash your hands and lychees well before you start the process. With a pairing knife, crack the stalk, peel like how you peel boiled eggs. The flesh is actually wrapped around the seed and so find the end of the wrapping and peel it outwards. Do this with a bowl under to catch all the juice that will drip. Can't help there. 

Easy Lychee Ice Cream with a Punch

Easy Lychee Ice Cream with a Ginger


1 cup freshly peeled and pitted lychees (about 20)
5 to 6 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk (add or reduce as per taste)
1 teaspoon ginger grated and squeezed for juice
1 sachet of whipping powder (Dream Whip) prepared as per instruction*


  1. Wash, peel, pit the lychees 
  2. Place the lychees' flesh in a food processor or mixie and blend until puréed
  3. In a big bowl, whisk together the sweetened condensed milk, ginger extract and lychee purée until combined.
  4. In another prepare the whipping cream as per packet instruction
  5. Fold the whipped cream into the lychee mixture constantly folding over and over until everything is combined. This takes a little bit of time and patience.
  6. Pour the mixture into a freezer container or any bowl. 
  7. Freeze overnight or at least for 4 hours
To Serve
  1. Take the ice cream out from the freezer and leave on the kitchen counter for a few minutes before you scoop out.
  2. If you do not have an ice cream scooper, boil some water and dip a spoon and use it to scoop.
If you are using whipping cream that comes in a carton and has no added sugar, then please add more sweetened condensed milk until you acquire the right sweetness.

Easy Lychee Ice Cream with a Punch
first attempt

I want to thank you, readers, for reading my blog and encouraging me to do more in the world of food. It is heartwarming to know that I have inspired some of my friends to bake and cook out of their comfort zones, I may not be doing any justice to the actual cuisines, but these are my successful attempts. Most of the recipes on my blog are made more than once to test the recipes unless it is cakes and bakes. I wanted to thank you because my blog is reaching new heights and wider audience than it had a few months ago. THANK YOU!