Sunshine Salad with Brussels Sprouts

Consider you just need about five items to pick up at the grocery store. It should be jiffy shopping, isn't it? and even more quickly if you know exactly where each item is. Wrong! You should be using the extra time to discover newer things that you never looked at. Like me. I take the time to scan through items in the imported sections, chocolate bar, snacks counter, etc. and also pick out of just being curious or get thrilled when I spot things that I saw on the internet. You come out of the store with the long bill! Fash tries new things, Fash is smart, Fash is also frugal, Be like Fash! hahaha Gosh! Did I just say that... blame it on the FB feed! :-D

Brussels Sprouts came with me to my kitchen in one such event. Brussels sprouts are like mini cabbage and so I knew I will use it in a salad. It took me almost a week to get to make it and I added all possible things I could get my hands on in my pantry. Got my inspiration from here and knew it was the perfect way I imagined to make when I first spotted these tiny cute little sprouts on that imported shelf.

Sunshine Salad with Brussels Sprouts

Weekend cooking is still not my thing, but I somehow put up lunch for Friday and I prepare breakfast for Saturday. Other times, it is leftovers, snacks, chocolates, or fruits, or tea. When I was chopping the brussels sprouts, F came to check what was being made for lunch. I said it is raw salad and he went eeewwwww... My heart sunk as I had no other backup plan. Honestly, I make salads very rarely that it is almost never. The times I did make was mostly with fruits which he was happy to have.

I was just hoping the other kinds of stuff that go into this salad will do the magic. It looked amazingly bright and fresh, so much that anyone sees it will take a grab but pleasing the taste bud is the challenge. As he made it clear that he doesn't like raw green veggies, I added a lot more colour to camouflage the rawness and it worked for me. :-)  I do believe that the sprouts are the star of the dish but what made it more appetizing are the cranberries, pomegranates, nuts and then the citrus punch by the orange juice and vinegar.

Sunshine Salad with Brussels Sprouts

Sunshine Salad with Brussels Sprouts

Serves just two hungry people


  1. Brussels sprouts (I added about 6)
  2. Violet cabbage shreds - a handful
  3. Baby cucumber grated or chopped finely - 2
  4. Dried cranberries - a handful
  5. Almonds toasted and crushed - 10
  6. Pecans toasted and chopped - 10
  7. Pomegranate arils - a handful
  8. Orange juice and shredded - 1 orange
  9. Vinegar - 2 tablespoons
  10. Olive oil - 1 tablespoon
  11. salt and pepper - to taste


  1. Rinse, trim the ends and chop the Brussels sprouts - add these into a bowl 
  2. Similarly, chop the baby cucumbers and cabbage leaves and toss them into the bowl
  3. Toast and chop the nuts and add them to the bowl along with Pomegranate arils and dried cranberries 
  4. Cut orange and squeeze the juice into the bowl and remove the carpels/segments off the rind and add them to the bowl 
  5. Add vinegar, salt and pepper 
  6. Toss all the contents well and drizzle olive oil 
  7. Serve immediately 
Don't be rigid in measurements when it comes to salads... add more of what you like and make it something you will enjoy having. 

Sunshine Salad with Brussels Sprouts

This was our lunch and we ate from one bowl... romantic eh? :-)


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