A Pear Cake Saved by Pineapple

Intriguing title? Let me explain.

An unexpected negative situation can paralyse your thinking ability so much that you can easily overlook the options. But sometimes you need to give it some time as Time heals everything and so sleep through and wake up to a new beginning which can help you have different perceptions or even more to say a perfect solution. Too much? simply put, I saved a cake from being discarded. lol!

I can fail in the art of stove-top baking. After I made the cherry cake, which was a hit, I wanted to try a cake with fruit like an apple or pear... I also bought a can of pineapple slices weeks ago to try my hands on baking an upside-down cake on the stove-top. Well, I did bake one, but that is another story for another day!

As I bake mostly on Thursdays to have something to munch on during the weekend, I start planning on the list of possible baking projects and bookmark a few recipes, make notes and finalize a recipe by Wednesday. Planned on making a pear cake on a Thursday afternoon. I should have blindly followed the recipe, instead I promoted myself to experimenting both with the ingredients and stove-top baking method. I went on to caramelize the pear slices, added less sugar and entirely used wheat flour.

A Pear Cake Saved by Pineapple

So all battered up and set for baking. The pear cake was rising so high that I realized my cake pan was the wrong size. It was touching the lid and may not have any more space to rise. Ok, Fami, don't panic, do the toothpick test. When the toothpick inserted in the middle of the pear cake came out clean I let a sigh of relief and smiled so broadly feeling so proud that I did it perfectly this time too. Well done Fash! Removed from the heat and left it to cool while I went ahead to plan the layout for my Photoshoot of the cake...

Little did I know back in the kitchen the cake sunk a bit in the middle. :-( Though not very evident, why did it happen??? Maybe because I added the pear slices halfway through the baking? or I opened the lid many times. But wait a minute the cake was totally cooked - so thought I can still serve it. Took the cake in my hand and was aghast to see the bottom BURNT! I put it back on the counter, took a few deep breaths and just abandoned the cake that gave up on me and my efforts and my love... Went on to chat with my friends, liked a few images on IG, and loved a few posts on FB...I didn't want to go back in there. I wish someone could discard it for me... After calming down, went back and just sliced the bottom off with a heavy heart. A tall cake became thin. 

A Pear Cake Saved by Pineapple

Mind it, I haven't tested it yet! Figured I could still do with some photo shoot practice. Captured in so many different angles and then finally took a bite - a huge one. It tasted very weird, I guess the burnt bottom has caused it a smoky taste and not sweet enough - something was missing. I knew it is a flop even by taste. :-( I cannot serve this to F. So much effort and with zero result - sunk, burnt, tasteless! F arrived and I didn't mention a word. I told him to have the cake (I ran off to the washroom. :-P) Got back and I dare not ask him how it is. Nor did he say a word.

I didn't want him to suffer eating a tasteless cake I ever made. So I put all the bad feelings down and told him "that is the worst case, I didn't like it." I saw a relief on his face that made me smile and sad too. Yet, I sliced and boxed them as I did not have the heart to discard them. All the ingredients in it are healthy. It tastes bad because it is sweet and made with all wheat flour, or maybe the pear slices I caramelized with brown sugar and honey didn't make a good pairing for the cake or because it has this subtle burnt taste. It rested in the box for all of Friday and on Saturday, I decided to give it a makeover. 

A Pear Cake Saved by Pineapple

A makeover is giving the cake a second chance. It may or may not work well but I was willing to take that risk. If it turns out bad, I am losing on just whipped cream and some nuts and yeah my Nutella! Well. I took the plunge and made layers of cake, whipped cream, nuts, a dash of Nutella, and then poured PINEAPPLE syrup that came in the can of sliced pineapples. Fingers crossed.

An hour later on Saturday afternoon, I served it and believe me when I say - we devoured it to the tiniest bits in the glass. I am sure whipped cream and nuts would take any dessert up a notch but here I believe it's the Pineapple syrup from the can that gave it a totally beautiful texture and taste! Imagine a soaked cake... So soft and creamy. 

Lesson: Do not underestimate the power of a burn or sunken cake! :-P or a bad bake day is normal!