Beetroot Yoghurt Dip | Raitha

My Mom will be really super surprised if she sees this post. You know why? because as a kid, Beetroot was one vegetable I never preferred to eat. The days when she made beetroot poriyal (stir fry), she had to make something else for me. She is such a darling who never could be strict and I was this stubborn kid who took the advantage. My sister on the other hand, looooves beetroot and she has her own way of eating it. As we grew up in Coimbatore, lunch ends with a little curd rice no matter what season - a typical tamil tradition :-P. We need curd every single day. So she mixes rice, curd and then the beetroot poriyal and makes it look pretty and even tries to coax me into eating it. But that was the very thing that put me off :-P

But life changes upside down when you live in a hostel and there is no choice when you are served Beetroot and your are starving. :-D have you been through such a phase? That is when I really learnt to appreciate food and embrace them for their goodness. As I had enough share of beetroot from the paying guest I stayed, I never wanted to cook them when I lived alone. But yeah, when mom makes I never complain! :-)

Beetroot Yoghurt Dip | Raitha

I cannot pin point the moment I started to like beetroot but I am sure it was sometime during my first trip to Yanbu back in 2014. I started to cook first with vegetables I was familiar with, as there were so many others that were new to me. Even now most of the Indian vegetables that I grew up eating are rarely available here in Yanbu and when it is; they are not fresh and are exorbitantly priced.

More than anything, I love to work with Beetroot for the lovely stains it leaves on my hands. I am sure most of you won't agree with me on this, but I love it and wish it stays for longer. :-P It reminds me of "altha" that we used to apply as part of the classical dance performance. I am no dancer et al but have had my share of dance classes so got my basics :-P

F likes beet thoran/poriyal/stir fry, which I still don't prefer, so I tried my sister's way and made Beetroot Pulav and it was a hit! Then this Beetroot raitha/yogurt dip was born as a part of my side dish for Parathas! (don't laugh). It can get a bit boring to keep serving white yoghurt, some colour will at least camouflage the absence of curries :-D

Beetroot Yoghurt Dip | Raitha

Thank you for reading all that anecdotes.. :-P This recipe is super simple because I have used grated raw beetroot so there is absolutely no cooking involved!. Not many opt to eat raw but I suggest you give this a try and you will not regret. The cumin powder and ginger just takes the sweet and blan beetroot to another level. I would have preferred to chop green chillies finely and add them but I have a picky partner and I hate to see anyone picking half the time while eating! :-(

You can easily double or triple this recipe. Yields a bowl or little less than a cup.

Beetroot Yoghurt Dip


1/2 cup grated beet
3/4 cup yoghurt, whisked
2 teaspoon or a half a small onion, chopped finely
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1/4 teaspoon red chilli powder
salt and pepper to taste
2 green chillies slit


  1. Add all the ingredients in a bowl of whisked yoghurt and mix well
  2. Adjust the salt and spice as per your taste
  3. Serve cool or room temperature with any pulav or parathas

Easy isn't it?  Now don't think I never make curries :-D I do, just that it is not yet blog worthy :-|

Beetroot Yoghurt Dip | Raitha