No-Bake Qubbani Ka Meetha Cheesecake Shots

Qubbani ka meetha is a popular Indian sweet made using dried apricots. Pair it with cream cheese and you have a delicious no-bake dried apricot compote cheesecake shots! 
Dried Apricot Cheese Cake

In my world, I want to get out of the house as often as I can, but F wants to just stay home because it is his weekend which means non-working days! So you know how the weekend can get, me wanting to step out and he wanted to stay home. I am sure it's the case with most of the families in Saudi. I thought I will get used to it but it is hard to NOT go out and it's harder to explain that to a man. But when he does ask me to get ready to go somewhere, I am the laziest! lol! Anyways, last weekend we went on a long road trip that was breathtakingly beautiful..never knew Saudi Arabia had a World Heritage Site as old as the 2nd Century! I will do a detailed post on that soon. InshaAllah! On our way back to Yanbu, I developed unexplainable respect for this country.

Now back to the blog, have you noticed that my blog has been showcasing only middle eastern food lately???? I didn't realize it until later so I stopped to ponder whether it is the way forward or should I change focus? The plethora of cuisines in India is inexhaustible! right? But then what about "Eat Local" which is the current mantra going on in diet trends! :-P Well let's just say I have to shift my focus and blog about food I grew up eating and inspire you to cook that you have never attempted... InshaAllah!

So today's post was one of the attempts of making an Indian sweet that is already listed in this blog by Rafeeda's Guest Post - Qubbani Ka Meetha. The title says it all, isn't it?  I had a bottle of dried apricots that I so wanted to make use of in some dish. So it is a good thing to make a recipe that is featured in my blog that I haven't tried! Like the perfect housewife, I prepared the dessert well ahead and surprised him after dinner. But F wasn't even excited seeing it :-( he barely took a spoonful. I lost the mood to have it, so left it back in the fridge and called it a night.

Dried Apricot Cheese Cake

I loved it, the dried hard apricot softened with sugar and infused with saffron on simmer! As I made it for us with so much love I just couldn't take the fact that he rejected it! :-) The only way to his tummy was with cream cheese! So the next day I made quick cheesecake shots with crushed almonds and saffron! Cling wrapped and kept in the fridge right where he will see when he opens the fridge door! I know he will love it because I couldn't stop licking while beating the mixture!  He came, he saw, and we scooped it and devoured every bit. :-P

Qubbani Ka Meetha is similar to fruit compote or coulis expect that it is made with dried apricot. So feel free to replace the dried apricot with any fruit of your choice, I am sure it will work just fine but ensure to make the consistency of the compote thick.

Dried Apricot Cheese Cake

No-Bake Qubbani Ka Meetha Cheesecake Shots


2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1/3 cup digestive biscuits crushed to crumbs
112 grams or 4 cubes of cream cheese at room temperature
4 to 5 tablespoons of Qubbani Ka Meetha or apricot compote
2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
14 almonds chopped


  1. In a small bowl, mix together melted butter and digestive biscuits crumbs until moistened. You can use your fingers to mix it evenly.
  2. Divide the crumb mixture into two shot glasses or any container of your choice
  3. Press crumbs with the back of a spoon or any other flat-bottomed container that can go into the glass. 
  4. Keep the two glasses in the fridge until needed
  5. In a bowl add the cream cheese and beat it with an electric whisker until smooth, scraping down the sides when needed.
  6. Add in the apricot compote or Qubbani Ka Meetha along with the condensed milk and beat until completely combined.
  7. In the two glasses from the fridge, add some crushed almonds over the chilled crust, and spoon the cheesecake mixture evenly into the glasses. 
  8. Refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours.
  9. To serve, top with the remaining chopped almonds, Qubbani, saffron threads,  etc 
Scoop of Dried Apricot Cheese Cake

Though this is best served in shot glasses, I have tried to make the glass aesthetically appealing since I don’t have an endless supply of adorable shot glasses or any food props in my arsenal :-P Hope you enjoyed reading, and let me know if you had similar incidents! :-D


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