Banana Blackberry Home-made No-churn Ice Cream

Never let your hubby watch MasterChef Australia with you. The man of few words has begun to give me feedback on what I serve on the table that too with Gary's and Matt's words - negative ones like this is overpowering that.. some elements missing...  :-) LOL! Whatever, I am glad he enjoys the show with me and then we laugh out loud as he cannot come up with any more words! Like for today's recipe, Banana Blackberry Home-made No-churn Ice Cream I forgot to add chopped nuts that would have been an awesome option but missed it. some elements missing...

Banana Blackberry Home-made No-churn Ice Cream

How many of you have seen that One Ingredient Ice Cream video? A week before I made this, I chopped a couple of bananas and packed into the freezer to make that which was showing up too many times on my feed. Then I forgot. Totally. That is how my freezer is.. what goes in it is forgotten! A box of blackberries that I kept saving to make muffins was not destined for it either. When it came down to the choice of muffins or smoothies, he chose smoothies, but I went a level up and decided to make the ice cream!

While sorting the blackberries to grind, I remembered the frozen banana!! Sheesh, should have made that instead! I knew if not today, I am going to forget them again. So off went the frozen banana chunks along with the blackberry in the grinder! Now it takes a wee bit more time as its frozen bananas. When I tasted the mixture, it was YUM but it left a slightly bitter after taste. But that is normal and don't need to increase sugar or condensed milk, just splash some cardamom powder and you are good to go.

Yields: 4 to 6 scoops? I don't remember!

Banana Blackberry Home-made Ice-cream 


16 blackberries 
2 frozen banana
1/2 can condensed milk 
3/4 cup whipping cream, whipped 
a dash vanilla essence 
1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder


  1. Add the frozen bananas into a food processor or grinder and grind until smooth and no lumps. Tip in the blackberries halfway through the grinding process. 
  2. Transfer the content into a deep bowl and add in the condensed milk and mix well 
  3. Fold in the whipped cream continuously and gently until everything is incorporated 
  4. Pour them into a freezer box and freeze overnight or up to 6 hours 
  5. Scoop and serve the Banana Blackberry Home-made No-churn Ice Cream with some walnuts - clearly missing that element in my servings! 
Banana Blackberry Home-made No-churn Ice Cream

Now, this can be made with any berries combination as banana goes with.. all? everything? And if not a fan of cardamom (I hate you) then add some cinnamon or I think even mint goes well... anything that can layer flavours to get past that light after-taste. Or if you are aware of any other techniques please do drop in your ideas in the comment box! :-D

Have a fantastic WEEKEND!