Life Lately - Weekend Chronicle

My weekend was rather a reminder that married life is a bumpy ride! And the events that seem hurtful and unbearable because the immediate thoughts that flow are all negative and self-destructive! It seems so impossible to eschew negativity at the starting point and go through a hell of tears and then talk yourself to embrace the positive! Sounds familiar? And then we build back the bond and this time a stronger bond as now we are a little more aware of each other! I love the fact that marriage is a work in progress for a lifetime and that which is not monotonous!

As a foodie, everything is associated with food or mealtime! So here is my weekend events that may be familiar with a lot of married couples living alone...

Weekend Chronicle


BREAKFAST - My bond with Rava dosa is a total disaster every single time I try making it. I can have a post dedicated to "Rava Dosa Trials!" Hehehe... But that does not let me give up as I love Rava dosa and want to make some for him! Each time I tried recipes with different techniques and still it turns out impossible to remove the dosa in one piece from the pan! :-( Today too it is was the same situation and F ate so quietly and went back to his cave. :-( My heart sunk so low that it must have touched the ground and it is not because of the dish gone wrong but his silence. Now that could be for so many other reasons, yet I wanted to believe it is because I am not a good enough cook! Woman!

LUNCH - So to make things right I should have cooked up a lip-smacking meal for lunch right? NO! I didn't! Instead, I served him this Mango shake! :-P As we were anyways in the Silent treatment zone, I could get away with that! But honestly, I wanted to make this a massive indulgence similar to Falooda or Mastani...unfortunately I realized I had no ice cream stock which would have taken this Mango shake up a notch!

Mango Nutty Shake

TEA TIME - Still no talking! :-( I mean how can he eat what I make and not talk? As I was a wee bit guilty of not making any proper lunch that I promised (thanks to Rava dosa ordeal) and for the much-needed respite from feeling low,  I decided to serve some deep fried goodies with a hot cuppa and call off the silence!

A bowl of mashed potatoes was sitting in the fridge which I had prepared to serve with a beef burger for lunch. Well, that lunch idea never happened for the known reasons mentioned above. So made some Crispy Mashed Potato Balls with dill leaves. It was super yummy with the perfect crunch and soft buttery inside. Also fried some cabbage fritters with methi leaves and served both with ketchup. After about of venting for almost for a few long minutes (or it seemed), he had only one question, "What is that you have made?" :-D You really want to be with a person who can bring back the smile! isn't it? The saying "Way to your man's heart is through his stomach" is sooooooooooooooooo TRUE!

Cabbage Fritters

DINNER - By now we were in a much better state than in the morning. F was getting ready to go out and pick some dinner as I didn't cook any. facepalm! But I stopped him and said that I can make his favourite burger! because for the first time I had made a batch of patties to freeze! Now that the mashed potato is gone, I used some labneh in mine and lots of cheese in his. I hope to share the beef burger patties recipe... InshaAllah. That is how we ended Friday.


BREAKFAST - Yemeni Malawah with Yemini Shakshouka and Kibdha after two weeks we got back to this tradition. This act of eating one big flatbread on one plate brings out a sense of bonding. Oh yeah,  I gave up trying to make malawah at home. Maybe I should wait to have an oven.

Yemeni Malawah

LUNCH - By now I was super determined to cook a meal. Enough is Enough! I cannot be running away from cooking and in turn, grow sideways. I made quick Ghee rice (forget that I mentioned growing sideways), french beans and carrot stir fry and chicken curry. In the absence of papad, I served some Stax! :-P I think this was the only proper meal I cooked this weekend! Good job Famidha!

TEA TIME - Raf's Masala Chai with Haldirams mixture. You need spiced tea to calm your inner soul!

DINNER - 500 grams of Al Rifai salted pistachios with shells and back to back MasterChef Australia episodes...

Ended Saturday with a drive around the city late in the night looking for a bakala to get a can of milk for the coming week!

Now I won't be sharing this kinda post often but this my life in Yanbu over a one-off weekend and can be anyone's too. Just a reminder that Marriage is a work in progress...

How was your weekend?