Retrospection Reprimand Recuperate

I have been busy cooking! Now that is not new :-) Actually, I recipe testing my own recipes here on the blog and updating with more ideas and alternates and even newer pictures. Is it crazy to say that I am overwhelmed with my own blog and its growth? I feel I have achieved what I wanted and now I want to do something new. I had set on this blogging path to share a piece of my life that can bring a smile, make you laugh or just inspire you to try new recipes. This platform has given me so much inspiration and knowledge, friends and mentors, and there has not been a day I was away from this blog even if I had no post to put up.

I am not ashamed to say that I have had a phase when I was so super obsessed with the blog stats and have shamelessly promoted it too to get more readers. That was not me and I didn't feel good doing that though the whole world runs in promoting everything. I want to be in a quiet place and be found and followed only by those true hearts who really care selflessly rather than for like or follow for following, comment for comment etc.

I know a lot of them will not agree with me, but I want to choose who I want to follow or what I want to like. I do play by courtesy and etiquette but I have noticed how some Instagram followers follow me and then unfollow me right after I follow them. Thanks to Unfollow Spy app! It makes me sick in my stomach to know people with love for the same things are so selfish! Even if it is just 10 people who genuinely like my work, I am happy to continue. I am not making a living out of blogging, yet I would want only genuine and real people than ghost, inactive, uninterested followers. It used to bother me to even faintly be acquainted with such people.

As much as obsessed I was with my blog stats, I was equally obsessed with reading an endless list of blogs and then falling short in my own to-do tasks! I have neglected my home, taken shortcuts to clean and tidy, have not made time for my other hobbies and even stopped my workouts. I am sure other bloggers have a life outside their blog, or they only depend on the blog for a living, but in my case, I am seen spending an awful lot of time on the blogosphere and my priorities are all topsy-turvy. So I reprimanded myself this past week by neglecting the blog and blogosphere and that is the best thing I did! Because I realized I have so many other things to do than the blog. Even then my hands were itching to come over. :-)

The number of blogs that I discover each day just makes me wonder if it is worth all the effort of drafting detailed recipes and selecting the best images, writing up etc. Even when I want to cook something, a simple search on google takes away a lot of time because there are so many blogs with so many different variations. :-) I get so lost in that ocean of food. How do you bloggers manage time? I think I need to learn that too.

I can’t call my blog a food blog as I feel it has a personal journal touch to every recipe. This makes me take a back step when it comes to promoting on any social media. I have been fighting that thought for days now – Do I continue to blog or just stick to Instagram? Do I share a recipe or just post links to similar recipes?

It all comes down to one thing – nurture the blog. It becomes what I make of it and it doesn't really have to be “Promoted”. If I can make a few genuine friends for life – that is and will be the success of my blog.

If at any point I am found in the same situation, I want to ask myself, “What do you want out of your blog?” the answer to that then will help me refocus.