Amardeen | Apricot Fruit leather Drink

We are well into a week of Ramadan and before we realize it will be over! I hope we continue to have the same vigour all through the year. This year we are alone, away from the big family gettogether Iftars. I am also finding it hard to cook the right portion and you won't believe I have wasted food for the first time and that too in the holy month. Now that I got an idea of our eating habits of this month, I have to be more careful and make much lesser portion than usual days - especially the dinner.

Today I am sharing my experience with Amardeen aka Qamardeen or Kamardeen.

Amardeen  | Apricot Fruit leather Drink

Amardeen is an apricot fruit leather that is sold across middle eastern countries which is home to Syria and Lebanon. The apricot season is known to start and end without any sign and hence the need to stock up the fruit as jams, syrups and fruit leather. Amardeen or qamardeen or kamardeen is referred to the drink made with apricot's fruit leather and is served mostly during Ramadan. The apricot fruit leather is sold in abundance this time of the year.

Amardeen  | Apricot Fruit leather Drink

I got my hands on this a few weeks back and came home and researched about it. The most common thing was Amardeen drink. I soaked a portion of it and made the traditional drink the very next day. The first time I  prepared with sugar syrup flavoured with orange blossom water and rose water and topped with soaked and skinned pine nuts, pistachios and almonds. It was super good. But I was left with some syrup as it is hard to make less quantity of it for just two people. I used the leftover syrup to make stuffed pancakes, but that is just adding to the calories. This method is good when you are making a big batch.

The second time, I made with just sugar and flavoured water all into the blender. It was still good and then made with honey the third time. All the three ways were well received by Mr F and so I am sticking with honey as that makes me feel less guilty and keep the sugar for our Tea! :-P

To make amardeen, there is no recipe as such. One pack of the sheet is 500 grams and I have used it 5 times as we are just two of us. Serving with the soaked and peeled nuts make it even richer and filling. The idea behind peeling off the skin of the nuts is to make them float on top. I will share a guideline and the different ways you can make amardeen.

Amardeen  | Apricot Fruit leather Drink


Apricot fruit leather
Sugar syrup OR Sugar OR Honey
Orange blossom water
Mixed nuts - soaked and peeled


Soak as much as amardeen you need in water just enough to cover the sheets. Mine was 500 grams sheet and had three folds, so I used 1/2 of one fold and that was enough for two glass of undiluted amardeen. Keep refrigerated overnight or at least for 4 to 5 hours.

Soak a handful of mixed nuts - pistachios, almonds and pine nuts. Peel the skin off.

Option A - Prepare enough sugar syrup infused with flavours of orange blossom water and rose water. Let it cool and then use as much as needed and blend with the soaked amardeen and the water.

Option B - Blend the soaked amardeen with sugar (about 2 to 3 teaspoon), a dash or orange blossom water and a teaspoon of rose water

Option C - Blend the soaked amardeen with honey (about 2 to 3 teaspoon), a dash or orange blossom water and a teaspoon of rose water

Just before serving, add the peeled nuts. Serve cold.

Amardeen  | Apricot Fruit leather Drink

Now, a bonus if you have read so far :-P - there is a post of Amardeen Pudding too.


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