Tharikachiyath | Tempered Semolina Milk

How would you feel if you were asked to be part of an event that you are only used to watching on tv or reading on newspaper? Wouldn't you run helter skelter if you get a personal invitation from a celebrity? I would paint the town red, sing song, smile all along, read the invitation over and over.. dream what to wear, and during all this my partner has no clue whats going on... surprise surprise!... today's post is a part of the event Joy from fasting to feasting IX  hosted by Lubna Karim of Kitchen Flavours! YEAH!

I came across Lubna's annual event "Joy from fasting to feasting" a couple of years ago - 2014 to be precise when I was looking for Ramadan recipes as a novice housewife. I was not even blogging nor had any inclination to start one! :-P and look what is destined! I am sharing one of my family tradition of nomb thura (ifthar) on Lubna's space for the 9th year of Joy from Fasting to Feasting! Incredible! I had almost 2 months time before I could send her my chosen recipe but after sending, I was wondering if it was good enough? like you know when you have guest at home, you want to tidy up and keep everything spic and span and that feeling of "have I done enough" will always reside until the guests leave! :-P So here I am hoping those who visit me from her space feel welcomed and love to stay!

Tharikachiyath | Tempered Semolina Milk

For the recipe and to read more on what I had to say to Lubna's readers, please go to her lovely refurbished blog!