The Best Breakfast in Bahrain | Saffron By Jena

8th July 2016 - Day 3 

This is not a restaurant review post, but this was the best day of our 3 days vacation in Bahrain. Saffron by Jena was a part of the must-try list so today we skipped the Hotel breakfast and went hunting for this restaurant. We set the destination using HERE maps which indicated that the restaurant is located in Muharraq. We went around the same road at least twice but couldn't find the restaurant. We were doubtful as the street was very narrow and not a place you would imagine a restaurant to be as it was more residential. On our third trial, a man (supposedly a helper at the restaurant) stopped us as he must have guessed we were looking for Saffron restaurant. It was right beside where we stopped! Could have easily missed it even this time! 

The Best Breakfast in Bahrain | Saffron By Jena

Zafran, as carved on the wall is a tiny, warm, authentic, Bahraini restaurant. They serve home cooked meal and so there is no fixed menu. You get served what they have for that day and from what I read, the breakfast mostly includes the standard Arabian breakfast with assorted bread and a bowl of balaleet. This spread was sufficient for two of us.

The Best Breakfast in Bahrain | Saffron By Jena

The waiters are all dressed in the traditional attire and the interior is also designed to portray the traditional architecture. Every element in there complimented each other and I fell in love with everything about it. The food, the ambience, the furniture, the portioned servings of assorted bread and side dishes, etc.

The Best Breakfast in Bahrain | Saffron By Jena

The only predicament I face during all our travels outside India is the choice of Tea! I am addicted to tea which I need both morning and evening and has to be the readymade tea. Most of the hotels don't serve readymade tea and I was so surprised when I saw the tea they served here. Look at that colour! They called it saffron kadak chai and it had a hint of saffron in it! We loved it and went for a second cup!

The Best Breakfast in Bahrain | Saffron By Jena

My first experience with Balaleet was at my in-laws. So this was the only chance to find out if my Umma actually prepared similarly. :-) (how mean of me! ) I must say, it was tasting so much like hers except the yellow color which we were told was because of the Saffron color. If you have not tasted Balaleet yet, I have the recipe here.

Paul Bahrain

Post the best breakfast we went to the City Center mall and watched the movie, Sultan! :-) And had my first Paul's cappuccino. It was the best I ever had!

Later in the evening, I had the best girl time with my friend who picked me up from the hotel and we drove around aimlessly while b*tching about a lot of things! :-D Ate chocolate crepes and fondue at Maya La Chocolaterie venting why the world has to be the way it is! shopped a few abayas and then we planned to include the men for dinner at Calicut Live restaurant. Ended the day with a rich Kerala cuisine which included biryani, appams, stews, etc.

End of Day 3

King Fahd Causeway

9th July 2016
Next day, bidding adieu to Bahrain; we drove back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and boarded the flight to Yanbu.

End of Vacation.

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