Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)

Recent incidents made me think that I have shamed this city for what it is not while what I had to do was look at what it is! I have immense respect for the FB group for ladies of Yanbu that has totally changed my perspective of the possibilities of a better social life here. Some ladies come forward seeking for a get-together, others help with any queries posted (mostly where to get so and so), etc. From a tailor to a plumber, a taxi driver to a beautician, you can get the most recommended options. This is what I call #GirlPower :-D These days, I am more equipped than F when it comes to knowledge to make life easier in Yanbu!
Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)

When blogging pioneers and Expat sites featured my blog as one of the blogs to read to know the life of an ex-pat, I realised that I have the responsibility to share more about this city from an ex-pat point of view. But that cannot go too far as my world is a closed nest of Mr F, Ragee, and my kitchen. :-) InshaAllah, I will try to include Yanbu's best and worst things whenever I can but I strongly recommend to look for FB groups.

Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)

Alrighty, coming to today's recipe (I must say, back home most of them thought I blog the day I cook because I write "Today's" :-D, so let me clarify, I don't blog same day) When Comoros's #MkatraCouscouma and Turkey's #Katmer meets we have #CoconutMilk #Ghee #Tahini #flatbread. Simple as that or is it not? :-| let me explain...

Mkatra Couscouma (no clue how it is pronounced) is a Comoros flatbread made with coconut milk and flour. Katmer is Turkey's flatbread made in so many different ways and I chose to go the Tahini way with ghee instead of butter.

Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)
(this is what happens when the mighty Sun decides to wear shades! :-P)

I have included Savoury in the title because there is a sweet version that I made while at home for my Lil bro-in-law. He gave me the idea of spreading it with biscoff or Nutella for the second serving which turned out too good. The original recipe of Katmer had brown sugar added to the tahini mix but I skipped that to make it savoury for our dinner.  The folding method is adapted from both Mkatra Couscouma and Katmer.

The first time, I served this with Tomato curry like the one used in filling the Algerian Mahjouba

I made this again for a weekend brunch and served with cauliflower stir fry with Panch Phoran spice blend that my Bong BBF shared. The bread is good as-is and does not require any side dish as it is filled with Tahini but because I may be questioned by the man with mallu blood, I made the side dish too.

Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)

While baking is therapeutic for some, I find joy and calmness in kneading and doing different kinds of folding of flatbreads. So I would recommend you try this folding method, but if you are not for it, then choose your own method of folding and I am sure it will yield the same taste. :-P The only solace here is, there is no slapping of dough sheet involved which would boggle some minds. :-D

Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread


For the dough
1 ½ cup wheat flour
3/4 cup thick coconut milk
1 teaspoon oil

For the spread
2 tablespoons melted and cooled ghee
2 tablespoons tahini (roasted sesame paste with olive oil and water)

For sweeter version - sprinkle some sugar (brown or white) after spreading the tahini mix


Prepare the dough
  1. Add the flour, salt and oil in a dough mixing bowl
  2. Pour the coconut milk and bring the flour together 
  3. Knead for 5 to 8 minutes or until soft and not sticky at all 
  4. Coat with oil, cover and let it rest
Prepare the spread
  1. Add tahini into the melted ghee bowl and give it a good mix 
Rolling and Folding the Flatbread

Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)
Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)
Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)
  1. Take the rested dough and divide into equal sized balls (I got 7)
  2. Roll a dough ball as thin as possible (you may dust with flour if required)
  3. Spread 1 to 2 teaspoons of Tahini mix all over the dough. (Sprinkle some sugar if making a sweet version)
  4. Use your index finger and start making a hole in the centre of the flattened dough 
  5. Stir it in a clockwise motion for a few times until the edges start rolling out
  6. Use both your hands and start spreading it outwards on all sides until you get a long coiled loop
  7. Take it in your hand and rub the coil between your hands to make it thinner and longer 
  8. Cut the loop at the thinnest spot 
  9. Start turning the two ends in the opposite direction into a coil shape until both the coil meet
  10. Flip one coil over the other and press it lightly – Keep aside
  11. Repeat this with all the other dough balls 
Preparing the Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread
  1. Keep a thick bottomed pan on medium to high flame 
  2. Flatten the dough with a rolling pin (avoid dusting flour) Not too thick not too thin
  3. Lay on the hot pan and let it cook one side and then flip and cook the other side
  4. Flip a few times and press the sides 
  5. Serve hot 
This can be had as a snack with honey or any sweet spread like Nutella or biscoff, as breakfast or dinner with some light curries.

Coconut Milk Tahini Flatbread (Savoury)

Btw, the pickle bottles that I packed from here for both my moms was a super hit! *blush*

That's another flatbread from your Flatbread Queen. :-D


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