Why #cooktoclearstock?

Last week I had started the hashtag #cooktoclearstock for many reasons that persuaded me to share the events on Instagram so that I can be accountable from the start to finish.

While I am a frugal shopper (labelled by F) (he is lucky we are in Yanbu!) I always end up at the "supermarket" in the "mall" and go through every aisle (even though I have a list) and pick up whatever I "feel" I should make and then come home - unpack and stuff all the things we got into the little space and then I go crazy trying to make up my mind on what to cook next. When there is a lot of things, the confusion is even more.

I never waste food. None of my veggies goes bad. Nothing gets expired and thrown away. Which only means we are eating MORE than we require! :-D Not funny. :-( 

So here are reasons I began the hashtag #cooktoclearstock in not particular order. 

Reason #1: 
The routine of Oatmeal for dinner every other day makes my fresh produce and provisions last longer which may end up getting rotten. So cook and freeze, or find ways to use them up before it gets wasted. 

Reason #2
The frugal shopper maintains an excel sheet of monthly expenses as another way to contribute to the overall benefit of my home. I am on the mission to show F that I can bring down the expenses compared to the last two months. Not that he ever complained but trying to be more responsible partner :-P More saving means more opportunity to do more things. 

Reason #3
This is the most important or the turning point in my life here. We met a family here who is in a dire state of need of financial assistance despite having lived here for more than 15 years! I know 15 years does not guarantee wealth. But I sincerely pray for them. That day driving back home I realised I had more reasons to be grateful than sulk. Alhamdulillah. A reason why I wanted to do a stint of frugal living.

Reason #4
It is fun, less stressful, more rewarding, and hubby dear will silently appreciate it. :-P 

Everyone is accustomed to a lifestyle which is their "bubble", but once in a while if you could dare yourself to live a week or two just like we do for Ramadan minus the exotic Ifthar (which is the true form), with humble meals and prayers for the needy, it only will benefit you both physically and mentally.

This act can be a way to add more savings or manage a tight budget situation, or just a way to help others by contributing the savings to someone in need! 

I don't think my meals were very different from the usual days, it just had more of oats in different toppings, plain rotis and lentil curries, rice with tuna etc. You can find all the pictures shared by me and others with #cooktoclearstock or here.

Today is Day 10 and I have limited my grocery purchases to just a loaf of bread, can of milk and a kilo of onions. I am still left with 3 tomatoes and 3 apples, 13 eggs and some leftover potato filling from aloo paratha. Alhamdulillah.