Garlic Carrot Buttermilk Savoury Oatmeal

With a plethora of options of savoury oatmeal ideas swarming the internet, here I am taking baby steps to "testing the water" before plunging right in. I am very selective when it comes to what goes into my savoury oatmeal bowl. I don't have to camouflage the blandness of oats with spices but I love to dress her up with bright coloured veggies like Carrot in this one that is flavoured with garlic and almost caramelised onions. The buttermilk is added to the oatmeal towards the end of the cooking. Yum! you have a delicious healthy bowl of oatmeal with veggies! 

I think by now I have established the fact that I am a sucker for laban or what is commonly called Buttermilk with this being the fourth recipe that contains it. 😁 I do fear that my current love for oats may fade away so trying all possible ways to keep the relationship intact. 

Some relationships like the one I have with Ragee seems to be fading because she believes she can fly. 😟 Ragee has been meowing a lot these days as she smells another cat that has taken residence on our main door doormat. She jumps to be able to open the door herself!!. The two cats met and unfortunately, the visitor doesn't like Ragee. Wonder why she comes all the way to the topmost floor to sleep on our mat but doesn't want to make friends with my meow. It has left Ragee kinda sad and every day she wants to get out to see the visitor. We have been contemplating if we should let her go and wait for her return or keep her under our watch. We do give her taste of outside by taking her out to the terrace and letting her roll on the dirty floor and have long sunbath but I guess she feels she is ready to explore the world alone while I am not ready to let her go. Who is selfish here? 

That aside, meet my Garlic carrot oatmeal with buttermilk. 

Garlic Carrot Buttermilk Savoury Oatmeal

Garlic Carrot with lots of salt and pepper was my Bangalore days flatmate, J's recipe. She made this quite a few times and I was surprised how good it actually tasted with minimal ingredients. So instead of making chapati and dal or rice to go with it, I made oats and added buttermilk and topped with this carrot. I was bowled over by the taste and couldn't stop raving about it to F when he got back home. It is that feeling of an unconventional cooking success story! 

As he is the taste tester of my blog, I made this again for our last night's dinner and waited for his verdict. Too much silence was both good and bad news but I am glad he gave a double thumbs up for this! 😎

Garlic Carrot Buttermilk Savoury Oatmeal

The recipe stated here is just for one bowl because I had drafted the very same day I made for myself. Double the recipe for more than one bowl. 

One Bowl Garlic Carrot Buttermilk / Laban Savoury Oatmeal 

Yields: 1 bowl for 1 person. 


For the  Garlic Carrot stir fry:
1 to 2 teaspoon coconut oil or any cooking oil
2 to 3 garlic cloves, crushed and finely chopped
1 small sized onion, finely diced
1 carrot, finely diced
Salt and Pepper to taste

For oatmeal:
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup of water
1/4 cup buttermilk (laban)


Prepare the Carrot Stir-fry 
  1. Heat oil in a pan on medium to high flame
  2. Add chopped garlic and saute until sides start browning 
  3. Add the chopped onions and saute until translucent 
  4. Add the chopped carrots and little salt and pepper, mix to combine
  5. Cover and cook until carrots are cooked completely. Do open and stir occasionally.
  6. Add more salt and pepper as per taste and keep aside 
Prepare the oatmeal
  1. Add the water, rolled oats and salt into a saucepan and bring it to boil and cook until done. 
  2. Stir in the buttermilk and adjust the salt 
  3. Transfer the prepared oatmeal into the serving bowl 
  1. Top the oatmeal with the prepared garlic carrot stir-fry and have it warm or room temperature
Garlic Carrot Buttermilk Savoury Oatmeal

The idea of adding buttermilk to oatmeal was inspired by an article in The Kitchn by Faith Durand so those who are doubtful of the combo can save the time and try this recipe as soon as possible!

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