Month that was, Jan 2018

It is June 2018~ I have not blogged for almost 6 months now! I had lost the spark to blog and coupled with self-doubt I just decided to give myself some space. Coming back with a recipe would have been easier but that will not fill the void I created in this space. Though this blog has become more of a tried and tested recipe hoarding space, this has and will always be a piece of me in Yanbu. Whatever I did in Yanbu, will stay in My Life in Yanbu... and so my attempt to refill the blog with backdated posts. 

I am not sure how long I will be in this city, for now, it seems a little vague. But I am told I should be ready to pack anytime. 

So, let me start with my plan... I will be sharing "recap" of a month with what best times and the best recipe finds, etc. I am hoping to keep this "Month that was" a reoccurring thing, InshaAllah. 

Jan 2018, 

During the last few days of 2017, we had F's best friend and his family stay over with us. They drove all the way from Khobar with two adorable kids. Some drive around Yanbu corniche, some food and also a visit to the Masjid Al Nabawi in Madinah just made the year 2017, end in a good note. 

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On 1st of Jan, I had my bestie Z and her son spend the day with me. We honestly had no "new year" vibe, somehow it is not a thing anymore. It is just another day like any other day. Not in a negative way. :-) I am just as excited about this day like every other day! :-) 

Yanbu now has its own Fridays (TGIF) and the ladies gang planned to have a lunch out only to be disappointed with their food. But the management was fair by giving us free dessert. :-) 

When I stumbled upon this combo:

Our "Tourist in your own city" kinda day - Yanbu Lake Park came into my radar very late. I didn't even know about it even when I had the guests. I felt so bad that we missed knowing about this beautiful serene place that is naturally cool with greenery. The Lake itself is man-made but all those trees and the cool breeze is a whiff of home indeed.

Tea party with the gals. Dress up and meet. Chat and eat. Giggle and laugh.

Another find that blew my mind:

Find the recipe at Laura in the Kitchen

Birth of my truffles mania:

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These truffles gave birth to so many more versions that I think I am not longer the Flatbread Queen! :-)
That's the month that was January 2018.