Month that was, March 2018

Last month the girl gang had meticulously planned a surprise farewell party for Z who had announced that she would be leaving Saudi for good. We fixed a date in March and decided to have it at one of the lady's home. It was not easy to meet Z every other day and not blurt out what we have been planning for her! :-) 

Yanbu has some incredible water bodies for recreation and one of them is boating to watch the corals. We along with Z's family planned on the early morning boating, followed with drive-through breakfast and head to the flower show! While I love being punctual, we got late to reach the boating place and so the flower show was not fun - mid-day hot sun!


Yanbu Sharm Entertainment

The best thing about this boating was the corals and feeding the fishes! Apart from that they showed us some shipwrecks and abandoned ships that gives this tour a museum touch. 

Flower Show 2018

Unlike last year, I did not cover this year's flower show apart from some pics on our first visit.

Yanbu Flower Show 2018

Z's farewell

We planned everything over a separate Whatsapp group but like true females, we kept having better ideas each day, therefore, scrapping the old one and it went on until the last few days before the farewell day. Each of us planned to get something to eat, we sought Pinterest help to get a banner printed and lots of balloons stuck to the ceiling that had our pictures hanging at the end of a thread. It was all so beautiful and so pretty. 

I never thought of baking a cake for such an occasion as I truly lack the expertise and the confidence. But when Ragee's foster mom insisted that I should take this opportunity to bake for the small crowd like this, I couldn't think why not! So I went ahead and made the first proper chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and cinnamon chips. I knew this cake will be a hit and will be the first cake that I won't cut. :-)

Recipe for this cake is adapted from Sallys Baking Addiction's Triple Chocolate Cake

Btw, yours truly made some cake truffles too! I used the first trial cake to make them and added some biscoff truffles. The ladies went for the truffles because I feared it would start to melt if out for too long. Each of them took one and had to come back for more... there was literally a pin drop silence with occasional mmmm sound of relishing the truffles. I am so glad they loved it. I am yet to share the recipe on the blog... InshaAllah. 

Z's Farewell - Yanbu

After a zillion group selfies and hugs, it was time to leave. Looking back, the time we took to plan for this day was almost a month and the actual day went past in a jiffy. That's how everything is... 
I miss you Z.

The Cheesecake Dinner

Z makes the best cheesecake that is nothing short of sinful and guilt loaded. As my cheesecakes are the cheat versions and or healthy shots versions, F shamelessly used to ask for the cheesecake whenever we are at her place for tea. And so, Z decided to give us the last dinner at her place before they leave the country. She made some mouth-watering delicious lamb curry and then this magnificent brownie base cheesecake! 

I miss her and our time so much! 

Masha, the feral cat

I have been documenting Masha 's journey with us on a separate Instagram account for my record. 

Masha came with the baggage of bad experiences with human and so never let us touch her ever in all her 4 months of stay with us. 

The mnm Cake

There is a certain joy in making a dessert where you don't have to pull back on the sugar or butter fearing the calories because you are making it for a mother and three munchkins! (late) Ragee's foster mom and her kids are my best resource of taste lab after F. They call me "Cake Aunty" and so was born the tradition of meeting her with some dessert! :-) 

The mnm cake idea was born after I got hooked to Sallys Baking Addiction. This is the same chocolate cake I made for Z's farewell... I am practising my frosting skills here... and I must say...I ate a lot of buttercreams that day! 

I have the whole video of the kids cutting this cake on IGTV.

March made me make cakes.😜