Month that was, November 2018

November started with the heaviest rainfall in the city that actually brought water into our flat, a downside of living on the same floor as the terrace. It seeped through the two main doors we have (Saudi homes have two main doors - one for family and the other for guests or male guests) and moved into the living room wetting everything on the way. Alhamdulillah, the rain didn't continue for too long nor came again with the same vigour. I have noticed, every year we have only one day of heavy rainfall preceded and followed by sandstorms and winds.

We are trying to get the cats to sleep off our bed so before the lights are off, I send them out and close the door. But I couldn't do it consistently and in the middle of the night, I would go looking for them :-) 


I can't quite explain why I have this love for Lebanese food but I am sure I am never growing out of love for it. My first every cookbook I bought was Everyday Lebanese Cooking by Mona Hamdeh and I have so many more dishes to try from it. This month I took up to try the popular Levant rice dish, Maqloubeh. 

Frozen Mango No-churn Ice cream

Do you crave ice cream in cold weather? We do. 

Bowl of Oats 

When all options die, we are always ready for a bowl of oats. Zaatar is reluctant to move even when the bowl of oats is of no interest to him. :-D 

Morning Scene 

My first task after waking up is to feed them! 

I don't have many pictures of this darling boy who did not give up and is healing so well. Shaiba, you remind me I can be stronger and happier with whatever I have! 

South Indian Falafel aka Parippu Vada

Rajmah Chawal

Weekend Breakfast Idea - Cold Egg Sandwich 

Flavours of Malabar - Kakka Orotti

Persimmons are here

Veg Fried Rice with Chicken Manchurian

Tea Flavoured Granola

Umma's Louki Curry

Veg Tehri Craze

One of the many Tehri I made... 

Chocolate Eclair Pudding

Falafel Bowl

Falafel Recipe on my Highlights

Nap Time

Kerala Style Chicken Cutlet

Dal Gosht with Boneless Beef

Sunrise Point - Yanbu Al Nakhal

Protein filled Upma

4th HBD to MLY

Lime Pickle as Edible Gifts

Sham Gododna

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Mom's Puttu Podi and my Kadala Curry

The Pazham Pori