Welcome to UAE

We walked into 2019 with a new beginning in every aspect of our life. We moved to UAE on 5th January 2019 and were staying in Dubai for a week. Our belongings from Yanbu home were all packed and stored with the movers. They would send it to us once we have an address in UAE.

From a land where I had no blood relations to a land where I have my brother and family was such a welcome. But first thing first, I wasn't disclosing the city because I wanted to surprise my friend Z who had moved from Yanbu last year. I spoke to her husband and got the address and I decided to go during the day and surprise her! After F left to work, for the first time in years, I moved out alone. Walked past the main road and hailed a taxi and thankfully got a helpful driver who didn't advantage instead helped me get to the right street.

The next day I planned to meet Rafeeda of The Big Sweet Tooth!

I was starving by the time I met Rafeeda. How I reached her place is a story I love to share in full detail over a cup of chai πŸ˜‚ From getting lost while looking for the metro station, a free car ride from a kind hearted man, to first metro ride to burjman was the start to the adventure. Meeting her was relaxing...all I could feel was Hungry. πŸ˜‚ She won’t tell you that I had her share of rice too. 😬 To me a #vegetarianmeals is kind of a detox. 😜 Pic credit @thebigsweettooth Restaurant: Royal Garden And then returning to my hotel should have been a breeze but I got off the wrong exit (dubai metro users will know what it means) and again got lost and finally resorted to a taxi πŸ˜‚ #thingstouristsdo Now in another hotel in another city. #abudhabi #alhamdulillahforeverything❤️
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I know I should be running to meet my brother first, I had no courage to find my way through Sharjah! So waited for F to rent a car and we drove to meet my brother and his lovely family. A quick homemade dinner by my ammai and fun with the two munchkins. :-) No pics to share.

F's cousin sister with her kids drove and came by to surprise him! We were working on the timings over the phone and chat. It was a beautiful moment that I captured.

Thursday night we drove to Z's place and we all went to Al Hallab restaurant in Dubai Mall for dinner.

I received updates about our cats from the new adopters.

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My brother helped us arrange a taxi to get us from Dubai Internet City to his home in Sharjah and then from there to Abu Dhabi. It was a Friday and we reached his home around afternoon after Jummah and there was biryani!

We reached Abu Dhabi by asr and checked into City Seasons Al Hamra which was our home for a month!

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The first restaurant we tried was Al Saj!

OMG!!! the amount of “cafeterias” and restaurants around here are countless! 😱 We found @alsaj_cafe during our evening stroll. I thought it must be another mallu venture πŸ˜„ but guess what it was a #lebanesecafe 😍😍😍 As soon as I saw #manakeesh on the menu, I didn’t care to turn any more of the pages. Ordered #akawi #muhammara #laham manakeesh and F was like “you stopped at this page and didnt want to look further?” πŸ˜‚ I just wanted to taste this popular bread since very long! They served fresh and hot. I felt they were very similar to thin crust pizzas 😬 so nothing new there! #bubbleburst I then checked the other pages, they had the usual grills too. You will love this place for its ambience and service and the fresh hot snacks! Any place you highly recommend I try for best Lebanese food in auh?
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I finally got to try the much loved Oman Chips!

Update from our boys

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Met a friend for life!

I am so grateful to my life in Yanbu that it allowed me to start a blog and virtually meet like minded people who look out for you. #alhamdulillah So, I met this girl 8 yrs ago for less than 2 mins on a busy road in Bangalore as a friend’s fiancΓ©. I lost touch with the friend but she was following my Instagram and we occasionally chat. Guess what?? We Met as friends in Abu Dhabi 😍 And we are set to explore the city together! InshaAllah. Our first meet up was lunch at #calicutnotebook πŸ˜‹ She is a vegetarian by choice and I wanted a break from meat πŸ˜„ so we relished a #vegetarianmeals The food was good but was not hot enough for me... but then, we were talking a LOT so didnt care much about food 😬 so I really don’t know if it was cold when served or became cold because we were busy listening to each other πŸ˜‚ @reshminavaneeth we never have enough time πŸ˜„ @calicutnotebookabudhabi #abudhabirestaurant #keralafood #indianfood
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A Srilankan Dinner

There are so many restaurants around and all are just a walk away... Something which was never the case in Yanbu!

Met Shanaz Rafiq of

Ghee Rice was a restaurant!

Our first Friday in Abu Dhabi, we walked to Sangam for south Indian food!

Another night we tried Zaatar we Zait!

I have been sharing our uae restaurant exploration experiences chronologically. And mostly it is dinner as thats the only meal we are able to have together. πŸ™„We walked to @zaatarwzeituae one early evening and was welcomed by exemplary customer service! 😍Food freshness as promised. πŸ˜‹Quantity and quality is great.🀀 Our first visit and we are so impressed! πŸ₯°They offer free wifi for 1 hour. πŸ˜ƒRefill for the iced tea which we chose to take away in a bottle. 😎 F ordered for #swissboom which was flavourful and I went for the #halloumibeefbacon which was exactly how I wanted... nothing else to overpower the mild taste of halloumi... The #mealsampler was a medley of fried snacks... which actually was too much for two...Definitely will go again! Happy Weekend! #zaatarwzeituae #abudhabirestaurant #dinnertogether #stayathotelwife
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And then I found Zomato!

But we still enjoyed stepping out as we were still hunting for an apartment.

Lots of coffee, shortlisting addresses of flats to check out, meeting my friend for lunch, and then going out with F in the evening. This was becoming my routine.

Another Friday, another south Indian restaurant - Saravana Bhavan

Taste of home - Sri Krishna Sweets

I got addicted to Zomato. Order food, click, eat, upload pics and review!

Shanaz invited me home for lunch! She is an amazing cook! I loved all that she served!