Aval Milk | Rice Flakes Milk | Poha Milk

Aval Milk or Avil Milk is a popular drink sold in the buzzing streets of the Malabar region of Kerala. The tall glass of simple aval milk is made with aval which is essentially poha or beaten rice flakes, along with ripe bananas, milk of any kind and nuts. But you don't have to stop there! This is a canvas that you can paint with whatever you love to see in it. 
Aval Milk | Rice Flakes Milk | Poha Milk

I never thought of blogging this avil milk recipe because there are a million ways to make it, so restricting it to a recipe is not fair. Also, let me confess, I have not had the original aval milk nor any other from anywhere in the streets because I grew up in Coimbatore and the first time I heard about aval milk was on a Facebook group while I was in Yanbu, Saudi. That version had grated apple and that is when I started to make aval milk. (in the linked image, the two glasses behind my bread pockets were my first aval milk attempt) This is the easiest cold dinner (don’t judge) that we are happy to have even on a weekend.

You read it right! Yes, we started having aval milk as a "meal" mostly for early dinner. Why not??? Imagine roasted rice flakes, a lot of freshly chopped seasonal fruits or just some ripe banana, any kind of milk, and some homemade granola for the crunch - you have a light meal and a refreshing summer drink in a tall glass! 😆 Now, you can make this aval milk recipe into a dessert by adding a dollop of ice cream or a drizzle of roohafza or vimto or chocolate syrup and a lot of nuts and sweetener and there you have a "falooda" like dessert in a fancy tall glass! So you get the drill, right? 

Aval Milk | Rice Flakes Milk | Poha Milk
the one with vimto

I somehow started the trend when I shared a lousy picture of my colourfully "packed" aval milk on Instagram in 2018! (below image) And surprisingly even today I have readers searching for aval milk on the blog. So I put up all my aval milk trials on Instagram highlights and will continue to add to it. But still, I have "aval milk" top the chart of searched terms so here I am making a space for aval milk in but first chai blog. 😎 but not very happy with the images here... I am horrible at capturing beverages, and this is my best version of all! 🤣

Ingredients for avil milk recipe

  • Aval: rice flakes/poha/beaten rice. Preferably use the thick version. There are thin and airy flakes that may dissolve too soon. 
  • Ghee or butter: This is optional but makes it tastier and filling. Use it to toast the aval and nuts.
  • Banana: any ripe banana will work. Mash it using a fork.
  • Milk: Use chilled. You may use laban, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc
  • a pinch of cardamom powder or cinnamon powder (this is to flavour the milk)
  • Roasted nuts: peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.
  • Sweetener: as per taste you can use honey, stevia, sugar. etc

Aval Milk | Rice Flakes Milk | Poha Milk
The aval milk image that inspired many to recreate

How to make aval milk? 

First, roast the rice flakes with or without ghee/butter. Thanks to Rafeeda for the idea of roasting the flakes in ghee which means making it even more full-filling for a meal. Roast the nuts if not roasted already. Mash the bananas with a fork. Chop up any other seasonal fruits if used. Make sure the milk you want to use is chilled. Assemble all in a tall glass and stir and eat or drink!

The measurements are just for a guide. You can adjust it as per your taste or as per the serving glass size. 

Aval Milk | Rice Flakes Milk | Poha Milk

Aval Milk Recipe | Rice Flakes with Milk | Poha Milk 

Yields: 2 servings


  • 1/2 cup thick aval (rice flakes/poha/beaten rice)
  • 2 teaspoon ghee (optional) 
  • 1 large ripe banana, mashed
  • 1 cup milk, chilled (you may use laban, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc) 
  • a pinch of cardamom powder or cinnamon powder (this is to flavour the milk)
  • a handful of roasted nuts of choice
  • sweetener of choice as per taste (honey, stevia, sugar etc)

Optional additions:
  • milk powder or any healthy protein powder (mix with milk)
  • seasonal fruits or berries 
  • bloomed basil seeds (sabja)
  • dried fruits like dates, apricot, raisins, figs etc
  • any homemade granola
  • ice cream scoop


  1. Heat a shallow pan on low flame and add ghee if using else dry roast the rice flakes for a few minutes or until crispy. Remove and keep aside. You may roast the nuts too. 
  2. Add the mashed banana equally into the serving cups.
  3. Top the mashed bananas with some roasted nuts and any other fruits or dried fruits if used.
  4. Next, top that with the roasted rice flakes.
  5. Stir in the cardamom powder or cinnamon powder to the milk and pour the chilled milk. 
  6. Top with some more nuts or granola and serve immediately. 
  7. Stir, scoop and eat.

Aval Milk | Rice Flakes Milk | Poha Milk

These tall slim glasses belong to my neighbour! I had made aval milk for her and she suggested that I use these for pictures. I must say it looks beautiful but I prefer my fat tumbler to load more! 😁


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