Most Popular Recipes of 2020

The top 10 most popular recipes of 2020. A few surprises as well as some popular favourites. Come see what made to the list!

Most Popular Recipes of 2020

2020 started to look bleak in the very beginning and went on to become an absolutely crazy year full of heartbreak. The pandemic may have confined us home but the bright side is that we all learnt some new skills! So many of you tried cooking and baking bread which gave a boost to food bloggers. One good thing that came out of this year is my blog was being seen. Thanks to each one of you. 

I had published only twenty-odd posts in 2019 but with some careful "planning" and smart "goals" this year I have published 50 articles! 

Today I have gathered a list of the Top 10 But First Chai recipes according to the number of page visits. I started sharing such a list last year as it is fun to look back and see which recipes you all loved in your kitchens. 

Top 10 But First Chai Recipes of 2020

#10 Bahraini Chicken Machboos

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Bah chicken machboos

This absolutely surprised me! Bahraini chicken machboos recipe got more love than I imagined because I have not even used the traditional spice mix in this recipe. But I do have another machboos recipe coming your way where I have made a homemade Baharat and used vegetables along with the chicken. InshaAllah, hope to share that in 2021. This recipe got the love because of its simplicity that any home kitchen can recreate without much effort. 

#9 Idli Batter using India Gate Classic Basmati Rice & Split Urad Dal in Butterfly Mixer Grinder

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - idli batter

Totally astonished to see this post still making it to the top 10 when honestly I haven't been making the batter since the time I moved to UAE. My Idli batter with basmati rice recipe has always entered the top 10 ever since it was published in 2016. If you have no access to idli rice or raw rice like I had issues while in Yanbu, this recipe will help you make your first batch of batter with basmati rice. 

#8 Homemade Cast-iron Skillet Pizza Crust

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Pizza Dough

This post was the starting point for more readers and high traffic to this little space. This recipe also got featured in Google Discover which I had no knowledge about until I went looking for the source of traffic. Anyways, blogging stats apart, this recipe earned me respect as though I had some superpower in the kitchen to churn out pizzas!:-) The dough recipe will work for any kind of pan, cast iron, baking sheet, or pizza pan. If you are still intimidated to try a pizza, look no further, this recipe will guide you in the best way!

#7 Layali Lubnan Recipe | Lebanese Nights Arabic Semolina Pudding

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - layali lubnan

2019's number one popular post has now come to #7. Published in 2017 and still making it to the top 10 is amazeballs! I really wanted to make my own Ashta at home and update the post but guess the time hasn't come for it. :-) Simple and easy semolina-based pudding with Arabic flavours. Also, my most pinned recipe on Pinterest! 

#6 Kacchi Mutton Biryani

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Kacchi Mutton Biryani

Kacchi biryani opened the doors to easy Friday lunch ideas and it sure did resonate with many of you ladies. While the chicken version is easier, the mutton cannot be failproof because the timings will differ based on the type of meat used. So the recipe needs your discretion to make it perfect for you. At #6, I believe the recipe has worked well for the majority. Check my kacchi biryani with mutton

#5 Cream Kunafa

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Cream Kunafa

No two kunafas will taste the same but one go-to basic kunafa recipe up your sleeves is imperative. Tried, tested and tasted several times, my kunafa recipe has won more hearts than I ever imagined! I always thought that sourcing ingredients for this dessert might be challenging but even with the pandemic, I was surprised many of you could make this with the right ingredients! Crunchy outside and creamy inside. 

#4 Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Chocolate Cake

I am not drawn to the fancy cakes that look like real-life things or heavy fondant cakes with paintings that are too good to be real. I may be an old soul still in an old bottle but this is my happy bubble. A pure chocolate cake with real chocolate buttercream studded with my childhood favourites is a gift to me. Fudgy cake with creamy buttercream!

#3 Pepper Chicken Gravy

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Pepper Chicken Gravy

Again, I never expected this one to be in the Top 10 and that too at #3! This recipe brought me more Indian readers than I ever had. Yeah, my blog readership was mainly from the USA, the Middle East and India but this post moved India to the top countries that reach my blog. Pepper Chicken Gravy also won me a space on the menu of a Restaurant in Pune! A peppery gravy with coconut and buttermilk. 

#2 Daoud Basha | Lebanese Meatballs in Tomato Pomegranate Molasses Sauce

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Daoud Basha

A 2019 post that has moved from #9 to #2! I cringe at the Youtube video I had shamelessly uploaded for this one but surprisingly it is the second most popular video on my channel (which I am not very active on) My Daoud Basha recipe has been pinned more than 250 times and has also received a lot of love on Pinterest. A delicious meatballs recipe that goes superbly well with rice.

#1 Yemeni Chicken Mandi Recipe | Baked Smoky Chicken & Rice

Most Popular Recipes of 2020 - Chicken Mandi

As I write, this post gets the most traffic every single day since I published it in July 2020! Unbelievable! From what I am told, you guys seem to love the spice mix used in this recipe and the ease of making this at home. 

...and that's a wrap! But before we end it, find out which recipe lost its chance to feature here being at #11 😉😁

What was YOUR favourite recipe this year? Have you made any of the most popular recipes listed here? Let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear from you!